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Action Center 3.1 User Guide
Aristotle Advocacy: Reference Guide for Creating Legislative Action Alert Revised: February 2018 to include new functionality Please Access Attached .PDF for complete Guide!!! Action Center 3.1 builds upon our version 3.0 deployment when we simplified the overall advocate user experience,...
22 Feb, 2018
Webform Builder
Webform Builder Aristotle webforms will respect web and mobile views by design. Legacy webforms, created prior to the Sprint 83 (May 25th) release will remain in their current state as some clients have incorporated custom CSS programming that was predicated on the old webform. The new format...
22 Feb, 2018
Header & Themes Tab (6)
6. Header & Footer The Header & Footer tab provides dedicated HTML editors to administrators to manage custom Header and Footer treatments to support your form's branding. Also provided is an HTML editor to manage content placed before basic fields.
22 Feb, 2018
Confirm Options Tab (5)
5. Confirm Options This section allows you to present a custom message to users confirming actions after submitting a webform.
22 Feb, 2018
Webform Themes Tab (4)
4. Themes Tab This section allows you to customize the look and feel of the Form and Section Title. Many features previously maintained here have been moved to new tabs within the Wizard for better organization. Customizing the look and feel of the form Use the Font Color, Font Size, and...
22 Feb, 2018
Webform Options Tab (2)
2. Form Options Tab The Form Options tab allows you to configure selected features of the form, including: publishing and unpublishing the form, configuring the notification and confirmation emails, enabling contributions via mobile devices, customizing the submit button, and entering disclaimer...
22 Feb, 2018
Webform Components Tab (1)
Normal 0 false false false false EN-US X-NONE TH This section contains elements which you enable on the...
22 Feb, 2018
February Release - Sprint 91
Sprint 91 Release Notes February Release Overview: The January Release went live on February 21st. This development sprint focused on adding Federated Access to our Government Relations features. Federated Access is ideally tailored for National organizations, typically Associations or...
21 Feb, 2018
Change Password
Users may change their password at any time or as required by their IT Security Policy. To change your password do the following. Go to Settings from the Menu Bar Select "My User Setting" Navigate to Change Password Enter Old Password Enter New Password Confirm New Password Once you...
15 Feb, 2018
In Production Now!
We are kicking off a new Sprint to bring Federated Access to our GR functionality. This will permit National organizations that maintain a National, State and Local presence to better control their advocate experience. We are also focusing on managing GR Recognition programs to Aristotle 360 in...
18 Jan, 2018
Managing Display Order of Legislative Alerts
Order Published Alerts Regardless of how your Action Center is presented (List or by Jurisdiction) you can manage the alert display order to promote your critical alerts at the top of the list. The order alerts option has changed to support ordering of legislative alerts based on the setting...
17 Jan, 2018
Action Center Display Option: Alert List or by Jurisdiction
Action Center - Custom Alert List Views Your action alerts can be displayed as a list (combing Federal, State and Other Alerts in a straight list) or a tab display of the different Jurisdictions (Federal, State and Other). This control will manage how your alerts are presented and which tab is...
17 Jan, 2018
My Legislator
My Legislator Page To provide your advocates with information relating to their legislators they may click on the "My Legislators" tab. The Page will list in card form all Federal legislators associated with the advocates home and business address. An advocate may click on a card to open a...
17 Jan, 2018
Search For Legislators By Votes - Federal or State
Search for Legislators by Vote Aristotle 360 now supports searching for legislators based on votes within Query Builder. You can search for legislators based on one or multiple votes. Please note that these queries are intensive and may run for a minute or more. How To: Search->Query...
17 Jan, 2018
Track Vote Manually
The 'Track Vote Manually' feature allows you to manually keep track of information about a specific Congressional bill or amendment (bolded fields are required). Using the buttons at the very top, you can save the vote, delete it, or publish it to make it viewable on your website if you are...
17 Jan, 2018
Track Bill Manually
The Track Bill Manually section allows you to manually hand enter an existing bill for you to keep track of and update. Bill Information When entering the Bill Number, be sure to enter the correct ID number given to the Bill. If it is a Federal Bill, there is a Federal selection in the State...
17 Jan, 2018
January Release - Sprint 90
Sprint 90 Release Notes January Release Overview: The January Release went live on January 17th. This development sprint focused on enhancements to Forgot Password functionality, Action Center, Federated Access and Search/Export. Aristotle 360 Forgot Password Functionality There...
17 Jan, 2018
Thank and Spank - State Alerts
Action Center Thank and Spank for State Alerts Aristotle Advocacy now supports automatic Thank You letter generation for State Action Alerts. The Admin, when configuring the alert, selects a single state and enters a Bill then within Messages adds the Thank You Letter content. Steps: Select...
16 Jan, 2018
Forgot Username
Forgot Username Functionality Some users, especially after being Mid-Year filings, may have been away from 360 for a while and have forgotten their Aristotle 360 Username. We have added to the Aristotle 360 Login Screen a Forgot Username link to assist users in recovering their Username. User...
16 Jan, 2018
Forgot Password
Forgot Password Functionality There are times when we all forget our passwords especially with new security requirements that demand password changes after a period of time. Aristotle 360 now provides a Forgot Password link that will send you an email to reset your password. Click “Forgot...
16 Jan, 2018
December Release - Sprint 89
Sprint 89 Release Notes December Release Overview: The December Release went live on December 13th. This development sprint focused on enhancements to Action Center, and localization efforts for Aristotle 360 for Canada. Action Center Phone Advocacy Setup We have moved Phone...
12 Dec, 2017
November Release - Sprint 88
Sprint 88 Release Notes November Release Overview: The November Release went live on November 9th. This development sprint focused on enhancements to Action Center, State Bills & Votes and the introduction of a dedicated Aristotle 360 version for Canada. Action Center ...
20 Nov, 2017
Searching for Bill Sponsors - Federal or State
Searching For Bill Sponsorship in Query Builder User can a) search for legislators in query builder based on bill sponsorship and b) add bill sponsorship data to current selection. Bills can be Federal or State. There is separate field (Legislator State Bills Sponsored) for searching based on...
10 Oct, 2017
October Release - Sprint 87
Sprint 87 Release Notes October Release Overview: The October Release went live on October 10th. This development sprint focused on adding Federal Legislator Ratings to Legislator Page, State Bill & Vote Tracking, and the addition of “My Legislators” page within the Action...
10 Oct, 2017
Bills and Votes Data
Bills and Votes Data State Bill and Vote Tracking We have integrated a data call between Aristotle 360 and the OpenStates Project. Open States provides access to all US State Bills & Votes data under their Creative Commons Attribution License. We have taken their data and integrated within...
10 Oct, 2017