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Change Password
Users may change their password at any time or as required by their IT Security Policy. To change your password do the following. Go to...
15 Feb, 2018
In Production Now!
We are kicking off a new Sprint to bring Federated Access to our GR functionality. This will permit National organizations that maintain a National,...
18 Jan, 2018
Action Center 3.1 User Guide
Aristotle Advocacy: Reference Guide for Creating Legislative Action Alert Revised: January 17/2018 to include new functionality Please Access...
17 Jan, 2018
Managing Display Order of Legislative Alerts
Order Published Alerts Regardless of how your Action Center is presented (List or by Jurisdiction) you can manage the alert display order to...
17 Jan, 2018
Action Center Display Option: Alert List or by Jurisdiction
Action Center - Custom Alert List Views Your action alerts can be displayed as a list (combing Federal, State and Other Alerts in a straight list)...
17 Jan, 2018

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VIDEO: Aristotle 360 Training Modules
These video recordings walk you through the common features used in Aristotle 360 -
22 Apr, 2013
FEC Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart
Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart Schedule A (Contributions) Line Entity Type ...
06 Feb, 2014
FEC Form 3x Schedule B - Disbursements
Schedule B – Disbursements      Schedule B details all of your itemized disbursements.  On the detailed summary page, Schedule...
26 Feb, 2010
FEC Form 3x - Schedule C, C1 Loans and Supplemental Loans
Schedule C - Loans Schedule C shows continuous reporting of all loans, whether from the Candidate, Bank, or other Lending Institution.  It...
26 Feb, 2010
Getting started with the Aristotle 360 API
Introduction The Aristotle 360 API enables you to configure your website, 3rd Party application, and other external resources to communicate with...
10 Feb, 2010