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VIDEO: Aristotle 360 Training Modules
These video recordings walk you through the common features used in Aristotle 360 -
22 Apr, 2013
FEC Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart
Form 3 Types and Subtypes Chart Schedule A (Contributions) Line Entity Type Subtype Line 11(a)   contributions (other than loans) from individuals/persons other...
06 Feb, 2014
FEC Form 3x Schedule B - Disbursements
Schedule B – Disbursements      Schedule B details all of your itemized disbursements.  On the detailed summary page, Schedule B supports lines 21 through 29.  Below, listed line by line, are the types of disbursements that can be made and how the data entry for...
26 Feb, 2010
FEC Form 3x - Schedule C, C1 Loans and Supplemental Loans
Schedule C - Loans Schedule C shows continuous reporting of all loans, whether from the Candidate, Bank, or other Lending Institution.  It is automatically created and filled out using the Loan Contribution and Loan Disbursement records completed for Line 13 and Line 26.   ...
26 Feb, 2010
Getting started with the Aristotle 360 API
Introduction The Aristotle 360 API enables you to configure your website, 3rd Party application, and other external resources to communicate with your Aristotle 360 dataset.  The Aristotle 360 API (version 2.0) is comprised of 11 core web-services associated with the core 360 entity types,...
10 Feb, 2010

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In Production Now!
We have commenced work on Sprint 113. In this Sprint we will be adding Activity creation and Bills support to the Arena 360 App. Also, we will be adding the ability to track Issues and Bills against Activity data. There are also some additional items we are working on so stay tuned. This Sprint...
07 Feb, 2020
January Release - Sprint 112
Sprint 112 Release Notes January Release Overview: Sprint 112 went live on January 30, 2020. During this Sprint we continued work on the forth-coming Arena 360 App. We also added some improvements to Action Center. Arena 360 Arena 360 is a dedicated Government Relations App that will...
29 Jan, 2020
AI360 System Status
To review real-time availability status of the AI360 product click the following link. Also - for clients using a Sharepoint implementation you can review availability stats using the following link: ...
27 Jan, 2020
AI 360 Service Levels - Terms and Conditions
1. CONFIDENTIALITY. During the term of this Agreement and for three (3) years after termination, each party agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information (as hereinafter defined) obtained from the other party to any other person or entity. As used herein, ‘Confidential Information’ means...
27 Jan, 2020
October Release - Sprint 109
Sprint 109 Release Notes October Release Overview: Sprint 109 went live on October 8, 2019. During this Sprint we started work on the forth-coming “Lobby App” settings portion, updated the PAC Competitor Analysis report and some Security items to keep your 360 as Aristotle secure as...
24 Jan, 2020