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Major Changes to the MI report in the 010090200 App Update

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Last updated: 17 Sep, 2010

1) Meets the new requirements for Political Committee filer types “PAC” (Political Action Committee) or “IPC” (Independent Committee). The difference between these two Political Committee types has to do with Expenditure Limits. The committee should know which type of Political Committee they have registered as, and if not, they will need to contact the state to verify.

This new toggle button can be located under the “Ind. Committee Information” tab on the Report Generation Window:

2) Allows for data entry of new “Office Sought” requirements. MI now requires a 3-or-4 digit code when a disbursement is made to a candidate for the Office Sought of that candidate for Schedules 2B, 2B-1 & 2B-2. This can be found on the “Master Edit” screen, which can be located by clicking on the “…” (dot dot dot) button in the upper left hand side of the individual record:

**PLEASE NOTE** These fields were added to existing MI databases. If any other databases need these columns added to the Master Edit Table, please send an email to with the following information:
-- the database name (ex. DATA1234 on L3S-CM1)
-- request to add 3 columns to the Master Table:

MIOffCode         CHAR (35)
MIDistrict          CHAR (15)
MILocalOff         CHAR (35)

3) The codes for “MIOffCode” are as follows:

GUB - Governor - without Public funding
GUB_PF - Lt. Governor - with Public funding
GUB_NPF - Lt. Governor - without Public funding
SOS - Secretary of State
AG - Attorney General
SS - State Senate
SR - State Representative
SBE - State Board of Education
UMR - University of Michigan Regents
MSUT - Michigan State University Trustees
WSUG - Wayne State University Governors
SC - Supreme Court
CA1 - Court of Appeals (Population 250,000+)
CA2 - Court of Appeals (Population 85,001- 250,000)
CA3 - Court of Appeals (Population 85,000 or less)
CC1 - Circuit Courts (Population 250,000+)
CC2 - Circuit Courts (Population 85,001 - 250,000)
CC3 - Circuit Courts (Population 85,000 or less)
DC1 - District Courts (Population 250,000+)
DC2 - District Courts (Population 85,001 - 250,000)
DC3 - District Courts (Population 85,000 or less)
PC1 - Probate Courts (Population 250,000+)
PC2 - Probate Courts (Population 85,001 - 250,000)
PC3 - Probate Courts (Population 85,000 or less)
MC1 - Municipal Courts (Population 250,000+)
MC2 - Municipal Courts (Population 85,001 - 250,000)
MC3 - Municipal Courts (Population 85,000 or less)
UND – Undecided

OTH1 – Other

If “OTH1” is used, the client must also fill in the applicable information for “MIDistrict” (District Number) and “MILocalOff” (Office Sought Description)

Missing codes will produce a warning; however, the state will not reject a filing if these office codes are not filled out. This means that old data entry DOES NOT need to be corrected.

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Article ID: 950
Last updated: 17 Sep, 2010
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