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Update on the MI Reports, Version

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Last updated: 11 Aug, 2010

The report has been updated also to use a headquarters address for schedule 2A, 2A1 and 2A2 when the address in the company location that is attached to the contributor is empty. This "Empty" status is determined by a blank address line 1 and zip5.  The Headquarter flag is used to identify the alternate address that will be used.

It was reported that the committee numbers were not accurate in the electronic filings. This is a problem on the state side that requires that a "Check digit" be added to the committee number when it is created in the file. This digit is the last digit on the committee number that is saved into the Filing Registration ID number field of the committee. For example if your committee number is 000123 then the entry in this field should be 0001231. Notice the "1" at the end. This check digit is supplied by the state. This check digit is also NOT used when the upload is done.  So the upload committee ID is only 6 digits long without the check digit.

The field on the screen called "Election Type"  must be set correctly for the filing to have the proper election type codes.  The screen below shows the fields. The Report schedule is set to "Triannual-July 25, Even Year", and the Election type is "July - Even Year".  If you set the two of these in an inconsistent manner you will receive an error from the validator and upload engine of "doc_type_invalid".

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Article ID: 942
Last updated: 11 Aug, 2010
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