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Protocol for verifying WA state efiles in CM

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Last updated: 26 Sep, 2010
To validate your document, run it through the program ‘XrfValidator.jar’. This program validates the XRF file with the XSD and also performs additional data validation. This file comes with the vendor pack, which can be downloaded from
How to Run ‘XrfValidator.jar’:
Instructions are for the Microsoft Windows environment.
Before you start, it is often easiest to place the Xrfvalidator.jar file and the efile itself in the same directory. Placing directly on the C drive is the simplest place for this.
1.      Open Command Prompt Window
a.       Click on start -> choose ‘Run’. 
b.      Enter ‘cmd’ in the command line and click ‘OK’.
2.      Run the XrfValidator
The following is an example command line to run the program:
java –jar “<path>\XrfValidator.jar” “<path>\<XrfFileName>.xml”
If you have placed both files in the C drive and your efile is named "efile_sample.xml", your command line entry will look like this:
java –jar "C:\XrfValidator.jar” “C:\efile_sample.xml”
NOTE: The state has NOT included warnings for over-limit contributions in either C3 or C4 reports in the current Vendor Kit.
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Article ID: 936
Last updated: 26 Sep, 2010
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