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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2010

This report is for Independent Election transactions. Once a campaign spends more than $250.00 on an election cycle for a particular race, they are required to file. Therefore, Form 5 thresholds calculate based on ELECTION & legislative office.

If an organization supports/opposes multiple candidates/races, a Form 5 must be submitted for each individual candidate/race. 360 supports running the Form 5 for a specific race. However, if you run a report for a specific race, you must ensure the transactions associated with that race are linked to the legislator. For contributions, this can be done by creating a memo transaction on the legislator's record, and then linking that memo to the corresponding contribution. For expenditures, simply link to the legislator using the "Add Candidate Information" submenu of the disbursement edit screen.

NOTE: the threshold should be set to $0.01 NOT $200.00 like other reports. This will pull all transactions necessary.

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Article ID: 929
Last updated: 04 Oct, 2010
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