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Mass Email and spam

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Last updated: 22 Apr, 2014

Is your Mass Email being marked as spam by the recipient server?  If so, taking the following steps will help minimize the potential spam impact.

MSN, Yahoo and similar email hosts use the "spam score" to determine whether an email can be received from us.  If you are having problems with emails not being received, add the TXT
DNS record for the SPF.  This may improve the rate of delivery.

If you do not manage your DNS through us, follow these steps to setup the following DNS record for SPF:    TXT    v=spf1 mx +all

for the BIND DNS server the appropriate line in the zone file would be:    IN    TXT    "v=spf1 mx +all"

Once this is setup, you can check that it is correct by going to:

and typing in the domain and clicking start.  For an example,  On the next page it reads:

One or more functional SPF record(s) have been found for the domain
The full text of the domain's SPF record is as follows.

Any other response indicates that the TXT record was incorrectly setup.

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Article ID: 846
Last updated: 22 Apr, 2014
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