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Independent Expenditure Data Entry

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Last updated: 21 Aug, 2009

Independent Expenditures
This article will walk you through the proper data entry for reporting Independent Expenditures on the Form 3X.  When making expenditures on behalf of a federal candidate, you must include the candidate information on the disbursement itemization. To do this, you must enter a special notation in the Note field that includes the candidate's FEC ID number. You can find this ID Number in the Candidate List. 
Once the entity record is created (use entity type Vendor and fill in the mailing address):
1.       Create a new Disbursement record (Crtl +k and the Crtl + I).
2.       Enter the Date, Amount, and Period (the election for which the Indenpendent Ependiture is being made).
3.       The Disbursement Kind should be changed to either "Independent Expenditure" or "Independent Expenditure Memo".
4.       In the Purpose field begin by entering either O for oppose or S for Support.
5.       Next enter the Candiate ID (i.e. H12345678).
6.       If the candidate is running for a House or Senate seat then the candidate ID will be followed by the purpose, similar to the following > S H12345678 Media Buy.
7.       If the candidate in running for the Presidency then you will need to account for the state.  The state is required for Independent Expenditures made in the Primary.  The state is NOT required for Independent expenditures made in the General.  Data entry for the Primary would be similar to the following O P80003338 State: CA Email Communication.  Data entry for the General would be similar to the following O P80003338 State:   Email Communication.  In this case leave three (3) spaces after State: since a state is not required for General expenditures.
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Article ID: 82
Last updated: 21 Aug, 2009
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