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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Am I required to use a particular web-browser? What are the system requirements?

Please see System Requirements.


2.       How can I determine if a contribution is legal to accept? staff is not permitted to provide advice on legal matters. We recommend contacting your elections officials or a professional campaign accountant or attorney. See the FEC's website here.

3.       Why can’t I open my FEC or state campaign finance report?

You probably have not downloaded the report viewer required.  Download the FEC viewer

Download the FPPC viewer


4.       When I try to view my FEC or state campaign finance report, all I see is garbled text on my browser screen.

On the download page, you should see a message that says "If you are having trouble downloading the report, please try clicking here."  Right click on the word "here" and select "Save Target As."  Save the file on your desktop and then open it directly from there.


5.       I still can’t open my FEC or state campaign finance report!

See here.


6.       Some of my Contribution checks are not appearing on my Register, even though I entered them in the database.  Where did they go?

See here.


7.       I know there is a box to check off when a thank you note has been sent, but can we run a list of contributors to whom thank you notes have or have not already been sent?
For Standard Reports, click here.

For Custom Reports, click here.



8.       Why don’t my Standard or Custom reports work? All I see is a little "X" in the top corner of the screen.
You need to install the Crystal Report Viewer. Make sure you run the program and wait for it to install fully.


9.       Why is the information I'm entering not getting saved?
Anything you enter must be submitted (or saved) in order to be placed in the central database. Generally, when you press a button within the system, we automatically update the central database. However, it is best to press the "Save" or "Submit" button to ensure that your data is saved, especially when leaving a given page.

10.   We made a contribution to a candidate controlled committee, how do we enter that?
See Committee Contributions and Expenses

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Article ID: 814
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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