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Combining Duplicates

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Combine Duplicates


Combining duplicates is sometimes necessary to reduce the number of duplicates in your database.  This can happen in the import of old files in to Complete Campaigns, having many users entering data, and when you do imports yourself into your database.


Using the Combine Duplicates tool will allow you to do several records at once and reduce the time spent doing this task for many duplicate records.


To combine duplicates:

  1. Click on System and Combine Duplicates.

  2. Select the criteria that you want the database to search the records with.



Method -  Selectwhat information you will be using to compare the records, whether it is by name and address or by name and phone number, you will use this information to compare the records to make sure that they are in fact duplicates.


The Records Added Today Only checkbox will allow you to refine your search to records that were entered into your database today for duplicates. 


Exact Name Matcheswill find only names that match each other exactly. However, it will not pull exact matches for addresses.


  1. Once you selected your criteria, click on Search.

  2. The system will display possible duplicates in your system.



  1. Review your duplicates To compare the information of the two records click on the name given.  Each creates a hyperlink back to the individual records where you are able to view them side by side if you wanted. 


  1. You can click on the Show Details box, which will then show General Information on the individual and allows you to select information that may be different.  For example, one record has Mrs. Benita Smith and the other record has Ms. Benita Smith, you will be able to choose the name title for the new combined record.


  1. Once you have decided that two records should be combined, click on the Combine checkbox. Those that are not checked will not be combined!


  1. Once you have completed reviewing this page of records, click on the Combine button to Combine Duplicates. If you have more than one page, the button will say Combine & Next. Be aware that once you click on the combine button at the end of the page, there will be no chance to undo the change.  This can not be undone.


If there are financial transactions, codes, addresses, etc,  that appear on one records and not the other, they will be included when it is combined into one.


When you have reached the end of your duplicates, we recommend you running the report several times to combine triplicates.

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Article ID: 803
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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