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Uploading Calendar from Microsoft Office

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Uploading your calendar from Microsoft Outlook


There are two steps to upload your calendar:


Step 1: Exporting the calendar from Microsoft Outlook on your Windows PC.

1.       Open Outlook

2.       Under the File menu, select Import and Export.

3.       In the resulting "Import and Export Wizard" dialog box, select Export to a file.  Click Next.

4.       In the "Create a file of type:" window, select Comma Separated Values (Windows.)  Click Next.

5.       Under "Select folder to export from:" click to highlight Calendar.  Click Next.

6.       Under "Save exported file as:" click Browse and select the Desktop as your Save location.  Name the file "Calendar.csv."  Click Next.

7.       Make sure the "Export Appointments from folder: Calendar" box is checked.  

8.       Click on the Map Custom Fields button.


9.       On the left side will be the areas in your calendar and the right will be areas that should be included in the .csv file.


10.   It is very important that the order of the list on the right side is as follows:


Start Date

Start Time

End Date

End Time

All Day Event


11.   If you list is not in this order on the right, click Clear Map.

12.   On the left side, find the first field Subject and drag it to the right. Continue with the next field until you have all the fields, in order on the right side.

13.   On the right side is complete, click OK.

14.   Click Finish.

15.   Make sure the Set Date Range dialog box shows the beginning and ending dates for the time period whose appointments you want to export.  Click OK.

16.   The calendar.csv file is on the desktop and ready to be uploaded to your database.


Step 2: Uploading your .csv file

1.       Click on Calendar --> Upload.

2.       Click on the Browse and find your file on your computer and click on it and click open.

3.       If you would like to delete all calendar items click on the checkbox.

4.       Click the Upload button.

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Article ID: 800
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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