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Adding Codes and Code Types

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Codes Manager - Adding Codes and Code Types


Select Codes from the Management menu.  This function allows you to create your own custom codes for describing individuals and organizations.  Codes are applied to individual records. 


To add a Code:

  1. Click on the Add Code button. (NOT the Add Code Type button).

  2. The Add Code pop-up window will prompt you for a code of up to 4 characters and a full-length description for what that code represents.

3.       If you use Code Types (see below), you may assign the new Code to a Code Type by selecting a type from the drop-down menu.  If you do not wish to assign a Code Type, you may leave the field blank. 

4.       Click the Add button.  You may click the Close button once you have seen the confirmation: The update was successful.  The Code Manager page will refresh, and the Codes list will reflect your addition.


Code Types are a tool for organizing codes.  Multiple codes can be grouped by adding them all to the same Category Type. 


To add a new Code Type:

1.       Click the Add Code Type button. 

2.       Enter a name in the Code Type field, and click the Add button.  You will see the confirmation: The update was successful, and then you may click the Close button.  Once again, the Codes Manager page will refresh, and your changes will appear under the Code Types list.


Assigning a Code Type to Codes:


Codescan be assigned to Code Types in two ways.  


  • First, you can use the Code Type drop-down menu on the Add Code screen while you are adding a new code to the system.


ยท         Alternately, pre-existing Codes can be added to Code Types, or can be changed from one Code Type to another, by selecting the desired Code Type from the drop-down menu.


Using Code Types will change the way you enter Codes on Individual screens.  Normally, you see one drop-down menu beside each Code entry line.  If you are using Code Types you will instead see two drop-downs.  First, you select the group, or Code Type, in which you expect the code to appear.  Second, you select the Code from the second drop-down.  If the Code you are attempting to locate is not a member of any Code Type, then skip the Type drop-down and select the Code from the second drop-down.

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Article ID: 774
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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