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Affiliations Management

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Affiliations Manager

Select Affiliations from the Management menu.  This tool allows you to add new relationships by which Individual records can be Affiliated with Organization records.


The Affiliations Manager displays all of your existing Affiliations and the maximum number of uses each can have within a single organization. 


For example, the Affiliation Owner has a maximum of 1.  This means that only one Individual can be associated to any organization as its Owner.  On the other hand, the Affiliation Member has an unlimited maximum usage; this means that you can add as may Members to an Organization as you need to.


The Maximum Uses number does not control the number of times an Affiliation can be used throughout the database.  The number determines the number of times that it may be used within a single Organization record.


Users should note that only important contacts within an Organization should be Affiliated.  It is not necessary to affiliate every Individual who is a member of an organization.  This would be a time-consuming process, and would clutter your Organization data.


To add a new Affiliation, scroll to the bottom of your Affiliations Manager screen and click the Add button.  In the resulting pop-up window, enter the Title of the Affiliation and its maximum number of uses.  If an Affiliation can maintain an unlimited number of uses, enter zero (0) in the Maximum Uses box.  Click the Add button to submit the new Affiliation.  When you receive the yellow message indicating that The update was successful, you may enter another Affiliation or click the Close button to return to the Affiliations Manager screen..Yournew Affiliations will now appear in the list.


To modify an existing Affiliation, make your changes in the appropriate field on the screen.  Click Save Changes to commit your changes to the database.


To delete an Affiliation, click the blue X on the right hand side.

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Article ID: 772
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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