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Hot Tip - The Radio Buttons in the Custom Report Generator

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010


The Radio Buttons in the Custom Report Generator

It’s a rare occasion that we don’t label something in the database. Usually we try to give you a definitive label so there are no questions about what a button does in the system. This is one of those occasions when the label would be much larger than the button.


You may have noticed these tiny, little buttons.

They appear in the Query Details area of the Custom Report Generator after you have built your query in the Custom Report Generator and clicked the Add to Query button.


They’re called radio buttons because about a million years ago in old car radios, you pushed one button, the dial moved. When you pushed another, the first choice was dropped and the dial moved again. (I only remember this because my dad’s truck only had AM radio and it was torture to drive with him).


When you click one of our radio buttons, that piece of the query will populate in the Query Builder (when you click another radio button, the first one will disappear and be replaced by the piece you just clicked). This can be helpful in two ways:

  1. If you’ve made a mistake in the middle of your query, you can click on the radio button for that piece of the query, make you corrections and click Update Selected.

  2. If you have a big piece of a query and you have to add a similar piece, you can click on the radio button, change what you need to and click Add to Query to add the new piece.


Hopefully this has helped you figure out a better way to correct your reports, or build more complex reports. Either way, maybe this has solved the mystery of those little buttons. In the meantime, if you have an idea on a simple label for this area, feel free to pass it along to us!




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Article ID: 769
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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