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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010


Aggregates are used to target based on multiple entries within a single table. For example, using the amount (non-aggregate) field in table AllContributions, you can select individuals who have given $100 or more at a single time.


Using the aggregate field Total Amount you can select individuals who have given a total amount of $100 or more, no matter how many contributions they made to reach that sum. Other aggregates are Average, Largest, Smallest and Count.


When an aggregate is used in combination with other statements in a sub-query, only the entries selected by those other statements will be considered in calculating the aggregate.  For example, if you enter the following query:


Sub-Query Join



Relational Operator





is less than





(Fourth of July Event)





is greater than



the results will all be records who have a contribution of $100, who also have a checkdate before 1/1/2000 and are in the Fourth of July Event category.


Counts and Sub-Queries

The option to Show Counts will give you a running total of record counts as your query is calculated.returned by each statement of your query.  Because sub-queries are executed as a single unit, the entire sub-query will only return a single count number in this running total.

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Article ID: 754
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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