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Communications Explained

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

Communications Explained

The Communications table allows you to track key information about your contacts. Use this feature to record your correspondences and conversations. You can track in-bound and out-bound calls, letters, e-mails, faxes or any other contacts. You can then use this communications history as criteria for high-quality targeting of your lists.


Adding a Communication to a Record:

  1. In either the View Individual Screen or the View Organization Screen, click Add Communication in the Communications section.

  2. In the resulting pop-up window, select a the appropriate Description from the drop-down menu, select your own user name from the User drop-down, and enter any other information about the communication in the Memo line.  You can also modify the date.

  3. Click Add and when you are finished, click Close.


Using Follow-Up Needed Reminders:

  1. To create a reminder, select a Followup Needed communication from the Description drop-down.

  2. The User drop-down becomes important when Followup Needed communications are created.  When you create a Followup Needed, the system will record it and create a reminder that appears on the Main Menu screen when you login.  To set a reminder for yourself, select your name from the User drop-down. To set it for someone else, select that person’s name from the User drop-down.  Reminders can be set for only one user at a time, so if you wish to set a reminder for multiple users, you must create multiple Followup Needed communications. 

  3. The Date field is when you want that reminder to appear. If you enter a future date for a reminder, it will appear on the Main Menu page on the day that you selected.

  4. You can a delete a Followup Needed Reminder from your Main Menu screen by deleting it from the specified contact’s record screen, by setting the date ahead of the current day, or by changing the communication Description something other than Followup Needed Reminder.


Deleting a Communication:

  1. To remove a communication, click the X next to that entry.

  2. You must click the Save Changes button at the top of the screen to save your additions or removals of communications and reminders.


Custom Communication Tags:

You can create custom Communication tags or modify existing ones by using the Communications Manager.  Custom Communications allow you to track and run queries by everyone who has received a specific communications issue.  Later you can use the Custom Report Generator to select all of the Individuals and Organizations with that exact Communication attached to their record.


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Article ID: 723
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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