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About the Menu

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010

About the Menu


You’ll find the menu in yellow text along the top of your VoterManager screen.  We’ve designed our menu system to be intuitive and easy to navigate.  If get lost, clicking the capital dome icons will always bring you back to the initial welcome screen.  Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll find in each menu.



The Add/Search menu is where you go to search the database for Individuals, Organizations and Events, or to add new records.


Individuals – Add, view and edit information about individual contacts.

Events – Add and view events for your staff’s shared Calendar.



The Reports menu is where you will find methods for displaying and analyzing sets of information from your database.


Custom Reports – This page allows you to select whatever group of records you want to use in whatever export format you choose.  Create highly targeted labels, lists, call sheets, reports, faxes, emails and other exports.

Standard Reports - Select from a list of pre-formatted reports for the most frequently requested combinations of data.

Calendar – View the events your staff has scheduled in a visual monthly format.





The Management menu is where you customize, organize and track your data.


Codes – Use codes to track specialized information about Individuals and Organizations, i.e. age, special interests.  You can use codes to run detailed Custom Reports.

Communication – Log all of your conversations and correspondence using the default communication types we provide, or add your own custom communications.

Custom Exports – Allows you to design and save data exports with only the data you wish to include.



The System menu is where you will control and monitor system users, find help for any questions you may have and log out.


Home – Takes you back to the initial Welcome screen.

Users – Administer user passwords and access permissions.

Help – Navigate the help file through its Table of Contents.

            Search Help – Search the help file for a specific word or phrase.

            Log Out – Exit the BackOffice system.

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Article ID: 716
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2010
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