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FEC Form 3x - Schedule L

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Last updated: 26 Feb, 2010

Schedule L

Schedule L is a summary page for your Levin funds.  Your Levin funds do not factor into the
normal FEC summary page, and all totals and itemizations will show on Schedule L, L-A, and L-
B.  Data entry for Levin contributions is exactly the same as normal contributions, except that
they must be reported to the LEVIN  bank account and must have the words LEVIN FUNDS at
the beginning of their note field.  In addition when you are doing a disbursement from your
LEVIN bank account you need to make sure that it is properly coded with an account code.
Please refer to page 23 for instructions on how to create an account code.
To make transfers to your Federal Account for Shared Levin activity that appear on Schedule H5, use
the disbursement kind Transfer of Levin Funds and be sure to use the proper Account code and that it’s
report to your LEVIN bank account.  
To make operating expenditures out of your Levin bank account, use the disbursement kind Other
Disbursement with the proper Account code and that it is report to your LEVIN bank account.
When you run your FEC report you will need to choose the corresponding account number from the
Event Information tab, and choose Registration H5 H6, GOTV H5 H6, ID Voters H5 H6, or
Campaign General H5 H6.

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Article ID: 687
Last updated: 26 Feb, 2010
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