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Dos Shell and Foxpro prompt

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

There are several ways the Aristotle Technical Support team may assist you if you receive
operating errors or need advanced technical assistance. Among them are Shelling to DOS and the
FoxPro Prompt. 
ADVISORY: We do not recommend that you use either of these features
without the aid of an Aristotle Technical Support Representative. You may
inadvertently damage your Dataset. Call 1-800-243-4401 for assistance.

DOS Shell
Selecting DOS Shell from the Utilities menu swaps part of Campaign Manager 5 out of memory
and brings you to the DOS Command Prompt. Please consult an Aristotle Technical Support
Representative when working with the DOS Prompt. To return to CM5 from the DOS Prompt,
type “EXIT”.

FoxPro Prompt
Selecting FoxPro Prompt from the Utilities menu allows you to execute Visual FoxPro
commands by giving you access to the FoxPro command line. This FoxPro Prompt does not give
you access to the FoxPro development environment. You are limited to executing one command
at a time and cannot compile programs. This utility allows Aristotle Technical Support
Representatives to better assist you. To exit the FoxPro command line, type “Quit” and press

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Article ID: 662
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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