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Limit Warning Messages

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Limit Warning Messages
This feature enables your Committee to create warning messages that are triggered when an
entry into the Contributions or Disbursements Subfile exceeds the set limit. For example, when a
contributor reaches the legal contribution limit for the Primary election, a warning message will
appear advising the data entry operator that the “Contribution has reached the Primary
contribution Limit.”
From the Main Menu Bar, select Utilities > Edit Limit.
•  Select one: Contributions or Disbursements.

1.  Click Default in the Define Limits Screen.
2.  To change the limit parameters, scroll through the Limit message list and
highlight the item you wish to modify.
3.  Click the Edit button.

4.  Modify the Limit Start and End Date.
5.  Enter Limit dollar amount.

6.  Edit the Display to reflect the desired date; e.g., 2004 PAC Limit.
7.  Modify the Limit Message if desired.
8.  To save your changes, click the Automatic Transaction button.
9.  Select additional limit messages to edit, if desired.
10. Click Close when finished.

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Article ID: 660
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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