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Dataset Utilities

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Dataset Utilities
Selecting System from the Utilities menu gives you access to operating preferences and
productivity tools.

Autofill: When checked, this option automatically places entries in the following Master Record
fields: Mail Name, Salutation, Sex, City, State, County, and Congressional District. The Mail
name is autofilled using the First Name and Last Name field entries; Salutation uses the First
Name; and the Sex is autofilled when you precede the mail name with a prefix of “Mr.”, “Mrs.”,
“Ms.”, or “Miss”. The City, State, County, and Congressional District are autofilled upon
entering the Zip code. 
Sticky Menus: This option keeps fly-out menus open once selected, without the need to keep the
mouse button pressed. This feature allows you to open a fly-out from the Main Menu Bar, and
then move your mouse to another part of the screen without the fly-out menu disappearing. 
Formal Salutation: When checked, this option allows you to Autofill the Salutation field with a
formal prefix plus the individual’s last name. Simply enter “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Ms.”, or “Miss” in
front of the Mail Name and hit tab to exit the field
Zip Code Table Override: This option enables you to manually enter the City, State, and
Congressional District in the Master Edit screen instead of having those fields Autofill when the
Zip code is entered. The CM5 default setting disables the override and will disable it when you
log out of the program. This is a good option to use when you need to enter foreign addresses. 
TIP: For data entry consistency, do not enable this feature for U. S. addresses.
Make any Zip Code additions or modifications through the Zip Code Table
editing feature (see page 181).
Verify on Table Fields: This option enables you to create field entries that normally have
restricted lists associated with them; e.g., Record Types. If this option is enabled, the data entry
operator can make entries without selecting or creating a new field entry. 
Confirm Save: This option triggers the prompt, “Do you wish to Save Changes?” prior to saving
any addition or modification . 
Confirm Delete: This option generates a warning message, “Delete ____?” prior to deleting a
Record or Subfile entry. We recommend you never disable this option. Deleted Records are not
Confirm New: This option enabled provides a list of matching Records prior to creating a new
Record. When enabled, this feature helps data entry operators reduce the chance of duplicating
an existing Record. 
Calculator & Calendar: The Calculator and the Calendar/Diary are productivity tools. The
calculator is used the same way the calculator in Microsoft Windows is used. The Calendar is
just a quick reference and advance-planning tool that enables you to scroll through a yearly

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Article ID: 657
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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