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Finding Similar Records

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Administrative Utilities

The Utilities menu offers tools for setting up and maintaining the Campaign Manager 5 Dataset.
Also included are tools for shelling to DOS and importing data from sources other than CM5.
You will use the Utilities menu to create and modify Table entries, set Contribution and
Disbursement limits, and edit various CM5 forms.
Among the options on the Utilities menu, there is one particularly helpful utility, the Record
Similarity Finder, that is found in the list of System Reports. This utility helps you locate
potential duplicate Records in a Current Selection or within your entire Dataset. You set the
search criteria and give the command to search for duplicates based on that criteria.

Finding Similar Records
The Record Similarity Finder is a utility function that scans the Current Selection for duplicate
Records. After you perform this function, you can merge the duplicate Records, combining all
Subfile data and Master Record information into one Record.
1.  Create a Current Selection of Records that you want to scan for duplicates.
TIP: If you want to scan the entire Dataset, conduct a Name Search
and enter the asterisk (*) in the Last Name field.

2.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Reports > System > Record Similarity
Finder. The Similarity Finder dialog box appears.

3.  Select the fields you want to use as your scan criteria and enter the number
of characters you want CM5 to use to compare Records in each field.

TIP: A good starting point would be: Last Name = 10, First Name = 5,
Address = 1-5, Zip = 5.

4.  Click OK to begin the search. The program displays a message showing
the number of duplicate Records it found.

5.  Click OK, and then close the System Reports window.
6.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Browse Selected to view the
new Current Selection.
7.  Potential duplicate Records will remain in the Current Selection. You can
then use this list to identify true duplicates and merge the two Records into
one. For additional information, see “Merging Duplicate Records” on page
TIP: Save the Current Selection as a retrievable list using the
Save/Load/Create feature. Select Records > Current Selection >
Save/Load/Create. Saving the Current Selection enables you to load the
list of duplicates, then review and merge duplicate Records at your leisure

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Article ID: 653
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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