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Financial reports

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Financial Reports
The following System Reports organize and present financial data.

1099 Report

Report Content & Attributes: Record Name, Address, Disbursement History, and 1099
disbursement Identifier.

The 1099Report is used at the end of a fiscal year to produce documentation for individuals or
entities that require a 1099 form for IRS tax filings. Generate this Report to determine which
Disbursement items warrant a 1099 Form. An “X” appears on the expense line next to items for
the fiscal year that were coded in the Disbursement Subfile as a 1099 expenditure

Bank Account Totals

Report Content & Attributes: Account Name, Bank Name, bank Account Number, total in Bank
Account. Report includes all entries in the Dataset or limits to Current Selection upon re quest.
Pledges and Voided transactions can be excluded.

For an accurate balance reading, each Contribution and Disbursement transaction that falls
within the given date range must have been assigned a “Reported” Bank Account. This
report will omit Pledge and Voided transactions upon request. You may run this report for
all Records in the Dataset or just the Records in the Current Selection.

ADVISORY: If you have not consistently entered a “reported to” Bank
Account for each Contribution and Disbursement within the Reported date
range, the Bank Account System Report will not be accurate.

Contribution History

Report Content & Attributes: Contribution Name, Work Address, Employer, Occupation, and Work
A Contribution History Report provides the annual contribution history for each Record in the
Current Selection. There are two ways to view the report:
•   Full View: Includes contributor name, work address, and work phone
•  Limited View: Includes contributor name only.
Contribution Source

Report Content & Attributes: Contribution Source, Number of Contributions attributed to the Source,
the Contribution Source revenue. The Report can be given a unique title. Scans the entire Dataset
unless restricted to Current Selection.

The Contribution Source Report scans the entire Dataset or Current Selection and generates a list
of Contribution Sources. Each Contribution Source line item includes the number of
contributions (“gifts”) attributed to the Contribution Source, and calculates Source revenue for
the provided date range. You can create any title for this report or choose to leave the Sub title
field blank.
County Contribution Totals

Report Content & Attributes: Donor Name, Address, Contact Numbers (hone and work), Total Funds
contributed, and Largest Dollar Amount ever contributed. Report organizes and separates Donors by
The County Contribution Totals Report scans the Current Selection and includes data that falls
within the provided date range. The report does not calculate contribution history for the entire
TIP: This report is very helpful if your Committee wants to identify major
donors in a specific county.

County Donor History

Report Content & Attributes: Donor Name, Address, home Number, and Total Funds Contributed.
Able to restrict report to specific Period and/or Contribution Source within provided date range. Sums
county contributions.
A County Donor History Report scans the Current Selection’s Contribution Subfiles. The report
includes all Subfile entries marked with the selected Contribution Source and falling within the
provided date range. The Report separates Donors by County and provides aggregate County
contribution totals.

Daily Donor Report

Report Content & Attributes: Donor Name, Home Address, home Phone, contribution Source,
Amount Contributed, Donor’s County, and Daily Receipt Sum. Report will separate receipts by Bank
Account .

The Daily Donor Report lists all Contributions for a given day. This report is helpful to
management as it gives an overview of the daily receipts. 
ADVISORY: Report includes In-Kind Contributions so daily sum will not
reflect amount deposited into the bank. Also, the Contribution transaction
must have a Source.

Disbursement Transaction List

Report Content & Attributes: Voter ID #, Name, Disbursement Date, Period, Disbursement Kind,
Check #, Check Status, Purpose, Transaction Amount, Total Amount.

The Disbursement Transaction List gives an overview of all Disbursements within a given date
range. To run the report, you must first have a Current Selection. You can select one or multiple
(hold the Ctrl key as you select an item) Disbursement Kinds, Periods, Status, and Budget
Accounts. You can also choose one or more Bank Accounts. CM5 enables you to sort the report
by Disbursement date instead of the order of the Current Selection.

Event Contribution Report

Report Content & Attributes: Contributor name, Address, Amount Contributed. Report groups and
separates by Contribution Source and/or Bank Account.
The Event Contribution Report provides a listing of each Contributor, the amount contributed,
and the total sum raised for the queried event. For example, you would run this report to find out
how much money you raised at the 1999 Holiday Fundraiser, or to ascertain whether or not a
direct mail piece was effective. To run an Event contribution Report, you first need to create a
Current Selection.

Ledger by Date

Report Content & Attributes: Contributor and Vendor Name, Contribution and Disbursement
Amounts, Check #. Report groups by Bank Account.

The Ledger by Date Report gives you an account balance by bank Account. You can enter a
beginning balance, date range, and bank account. The Report lists all Contributions and
Disbursements in that bank Account, sorted by date. A closing cash balance appears at the end of
the report. You can choose the run the report on the entire Dataset or on the Current Selection

Personal List Report

Report Content & Attributes: Contributor Name; Address; Employer; Occupation; Home, Work, Fax,
and Alternate phone numbers; Total, Largest, and Last Contributions; and Last Contribution date.
The Personal List Report prints a summary of the contribution history for the Current Selection
and organizes the history by reporting by time Period or by Campaign Period.
Receipt Transaction List

Report Content & Attributes: Voter ID, Donor Name, donor Address and ph one (if chosen),
Transaction Date, Period, Check number, Amount, Contribution Type, Source, record Total.

The Receipt Transaction List reports the selected Contribution Types within a given date range
and/or deposit date range. You can also select a cumulative minimum to cumulative maximum
amount range, and further manipulate the report output by Selecting one or more Periods, Types,
and Sources. Mark the Include Address and Phone on Report box if desired. 

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