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Creating Entities and Transactions Using the API

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Last updated: 10 Feb, 2010

All “set web services” take the same data structure that the “get web service” uses. Also, when you pass in a Random GUID to the get web service, it will return you an empty data set with all the structure you need to save a new record.  

The other part that is missing is that there is a parameter on the getReceiptInfo called: strReceiptFromType. This parameter accepts the following values: “INDIVIDUAL”, “LEGISLATOR”, “COMPANY”, “POLITICALCOMMITTEE”. Note that casing does not matter but politicalcommittee has to be spelled without a space between political and committee.

Let’s say you want to save a new Receipt to an Existing individual, the code would look like the following:

//Get All Individuals With “Williams in their Name”

getIndivdiualInfoWS.getIndividualInformationWebService getIndindividual = new getIndivdiualInfoWS.getIndividualInformationWebService();
DataSet dsResult = getIndindividual.searchKeyword(“Williams”, UserName, Password) ;
//Take GUID from First Individual From Result List:
DataRow drwFirst = dsResult.Tables[“std_Individual”].Rows[0] ;

String strFirstIndividualGUID = drwFirst[“ind_GUID”].toString();


//ADD New Receipt to Individual Above

String strRandomReceiptGUID = System.Guid.NewGUID().toString();

DataSet dsNewReceipt =  getTransactionInfoWS.getReceiptDetail(strRandomReceiptGUID, strFirstIndividualGUID, “INDIVIDUAL”);


//Create New Receipt Row:

DataRow drwNewReceipt = dsNewReceipt.Tables[“std_Receipt”].newRow();


//Edit your receipt:

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_GUID”] = System.Guid.NewGUID().toString();

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_Amount”] = 200.00 ;

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_Date”] = “01/01/2010”;

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_Deleted”] = 0;

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_CreatedOn”] = “01/01/2010”;

drwNewReceipt[“rcp_CreatedBy”] = System.Guid.NewGUID().toString();


//Add New Row back to Receipt Dataset:



//Call SetReceiptDetail Web Service to save new Receipt to Database:


For review:

To Update an Existing Entity: 

1.       Call get Web Service with known Entity’s GUID

2.       Edit the Returned Dataset

3.       Call set Web Service

To Create a new Entity: 

1.       Call get Web Service with Random New GUID

2.       Add New Row to Dataset Returned by Web Service

3.       Call set Web Service

Article ID: 648
Last updated: 10 Feb, 2010
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