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Solicitation Manager, Targets and Solicitors

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Solicitation Management

Use the Solicitation Manager to create Targets for your Campaign or Committee. These targets
could be set for date ranges, special groups of donors, or one overall Target for the Campaign. It
all depends on how you want to structure your Fundraising system. 
NOTE: You will need to set up at least one Target to associate with Pledges for Individuals.
Setting Up Targets and Solicitors

Target Groups are the classifications you use in your Fundraising System. A Target Group could
represent a group of people, specific ranges of time (like an election cycle), or it could represent
the whole Campaign Committee.
 1.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Solicitation > Manager

2.  Click New.
3.  Enter a Target Amount and a Target Group.
4.  Click Save.
If you want to edit an existing Target Amount or Target Group, select Edit in Step 2, rather than
the New button. 

If you have individuals or organizations that directly or indirectly raise money for your
Committee, you will want to move to the next step: Setting up Solicitors. If you do not have
solicitors or do not wish to track their activity, this step is not required.
1.  Generate a Current Selection.
2.  Flag the desired Solicitor’s Record by highlighting it and typing Alt+F3,
(or select the menu option Records > Current Record > Flag Record).
 Repeat this step for all Records you wish to Flag.
3.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Solicitation > Create
Solicitors from Flagged Records. This assigns those records as
Solicitors. A message appears indicating the number of Records you have
marked as Solicitors. You are now ready to set individual targets for these

The Solicitation Manager is designed so that you can track each of your Solicitors using multiple
Target Groups and/or Events. If you only want to track each Solicitor’s overall progress, set only
one Target Group and connect each Solicitor with it. If you choose to be more detailed, you can
associate a Solicitor with different Target Amounts for multiple Target Groups and/or Events.

1.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Solicitation > Manager.
2.  Choose the Solicitors tab.
3.  Highlight the desired Solicitor in the list and click New.
4.  Select a Target Group and/or Event for which the Solicitor is assigned to
raise money.
5.  Choose whether the Solicitor is Direct or Indirect. Typically a Direct
Solicitor is someone you would have on staff to do fundraising. An
Indirect Solicitor is someone who, even though not paid by the Campaign,
still brings in money to the Campaign through personal relationships; i.e.,
a “friend of the Campaign”.
6.  Set the Reward percentage if you are paying your Solicitor per dollar
7.  You can also choose specific date ranges.
8.  Click Save.
You are now ready to enter pledges and money raised. 
NOTE: To edit an existing entry in the Solicitors section of the Solicitation Manager, choose
Edit in Step 4, rather than Add.

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Article ID: 636
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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