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Using Subfile Toolbar

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Subfile Toolbar

When working within Subfiles, a basic Toolbar allows you to easily edit or add Subfile entries.
Its buttons are, from left to right: Save, Add, Delete, and Undo.

Note: The Subfile Toobar can be moved and reshaped anywhere on the screen.   The additional Subfile buttons below will only appear in the indicated Subfile when selected. 

Basic Subfile Entry
The following basic data entry steps apply to all Subfiles.

1.  Open the Record you want to edit.
2.  Select the Subfile to modify by clicking the Subfile’s tab (or pressing Alt and
the underlined letter in the tab’s name).
3.  Open the Subfile Edit Screen by double-clicking in the gray area directly
below Subfile tab, or pressing Ctrl+K.
4.  Add a new Subfile Entry by clicking the Insert button   on the Subfile
toolbar, or pressing Ctrl+I.
5.  Make additions, edits or changes.

NOTE: In Subfiles that have list boxes, add a new entry to the list by typing in
the field and selecting Add when prompted. Or, you may add to the list box
through the Edit Tables utility prior to Subfile modification. 
6.  Save your changes by clicking the Save button   on the Subfile Toolbar,
then close the Subfile Edit Screen.

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Article ID: 609
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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