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Householding Records

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Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010

Householding Records

CM allows you to create a virtual household by linking the Records for individuals who share
the same address. You may create a distinctive Household Mail Name and  Household Salutation
while retaining a unique Mail name and Salutation for the Master Record.
The Householding feature is useful when you want to send only one piece of mail to a multi-
member household. There are two householding methods:
 •  Manual Householding.
•  Automatic Householding 
Manual Householding
One method of householding is to manually create households and/or add Records to existing

 TIP: Manual Householding allows greater flexibility than Automatic Householding in
creating Household Mail Names and Household Salutations.

Manually Creating a New Household

 1.  Open the Record that you want to household.
2.  Go to the Household Subfile by selecting the Household Subfile tab.
 3.  Open the Households Subfile by double-clicking in the gray area directly
below the Household tab, or pressing Ctrl+K.
 4.  Insert a new entry by clicking the Add   button, or pressing Ctrl+I. 
5.  Enter the Household Main Name.

 TIP: Use the ampersand symbol (&) in the Mail Name so long mail names will print on
the small address labels; then use the word “and” in the Household Salutation to be

 6.  Enter the household Salutation.

7.  Check the Head of household box if you want to designate this Record as
the Head of Household (not required for householding Records).

8.  Close the Subfile and save your entry by clicking the “X” button in the
upper right corner of the window (or pressing Ctrl -W to close) and
choosing to save your work.
9.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Current Record > Save for

You have just created a Household with one member.  The steps below describe how to add multiple Records to an existing Household.

Adding a Record to an Existing Household


1.  Select the Record of an individual that lives in the same house as the
individual for whom you just created a Household. Do this by highlighting
the Record in the Browse window or by opening the Master Record.
2.  From the Main Menu Bar, select Records > Current Record >
Household with Saved.

 TIP: If you household Records for Individuals who are not married or live in homes with
more than two members, you may want to enter the Household Salutation, “Friends” or
“Loyal Supporters”.

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Article ID: 606
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2010
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