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Initialize Error - Mailers +4 (Could not open mdAddr.dat.file)

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Last updated: 28 Dec, 2009

Error Message when running Mailers +4 - Initialization Error

After installing Mailers +4, a error message appears, "There was a problem attempting to initialize Mailers+4 data at the location specified in the initialization file. Make sure that you have specified the correct location and/or that the data resides in the specified location and try again later. Additional information: Could not open mdAddr.dat.file." 

We will first need to find out where the +4 Mailer was installed: 
  1. Go to Start > Programs and open the Mailers +4 program
  2. In Mailers +4, go to Tools > System Options
  3. Copy and paste the Target into Notepad.  

Next we will need to adjust the path in Campaign Manager: 

  1. Go to your Campaign Manager installation (usually C:\CM4 or CM5).
  2. Right click on the cm4.ini and open it as a text file (in Notepad)
  3. Edit the pathway to show the pathway that we copied as the Target.
      MP4PATH=c:\program files\melissa data\mailers+4
      NATIONALPATH=c:\program files\melissa data\mailers+4
  4. Edit in both locations.
  5. Save the changes.

You should now be able to open up Mailers+4 without the error message. 

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Article ID: 601
Last updated: 28 Dec, 2009
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