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- A dataset is a collection of files that contain all of the name and address infomration as well as all financial and contact information. There are referred to as a Master Record and related subfile infomation.  You may have as many datasets as you wish.  For example, if you keep records for more than one organization, a separate dataset could be used for each organization. 


Record - A Record contains all of the information associated with a single Individual, Vendor, Political Action Committee, etc.  A Record is broken into two areas: Master Information and Subfile data.  The master information for the Record is located in the upper section of the Master Edit screen.  Each individual, Vendor, Political Action Committee, etc. entered in CM should have its own Record.  That includes married couples contributors who reside in the same household.

NOTE: Married couples and members of the same household may be householded together for mailing purposes.  

Subfiles - The Subfiles in CM contain data related to a Record that cannot be entered in the Master Edit portion of the Record.  the data is logically grouped to simplify data entry.  For example, all contribution information is entered into the Contribution Subfile. 

Available CM Subfiles are from left to right: Contributions, Disbursements, Notes, Issues, V.I.P, Organizations, Reminders, Election History, Profile, and Houosehold.  Choosing the desired tab and double clicking in the display area directly below the tab will open the Subfile for editing.  Subfiles can contain multiple entries and are searchable.

Current Selection
A Current Selection is a list of Records found as the result of a Full Search or Name Search, or is
created by flagging Records individually. Virtually all CM5 functions use a current selection.
The Current Selection is the most powerful list in the program. It enables you to target a certain
group in your database by minimizing the number of Records used in the Dataset so that you can
do mail merges, print labels and envelopes, run System Reports, export data and perform many
other CM5 functions. A Current Selection can range from one Record, to the total number of

Records in the Dataset.

NOTE: Do not confuse the term “dataset” with the term Current Selection. The term Current

selected all contributors of $100.00 or more they will be the Current Selection. The dataset will contain all your contacts but your current selection will only be these ‘selected’ donors.

Current Record
The Current Record is the Record open on your desktop or highlighted in a Browse list or Current Selection. The Current Record is also the Record that was last accessed.
A Field is the data entry area in a Master Record or Record Subfile. There are various types of fields. Several CM5 fields have assigned entry properties and restrictions.
 A Text Field for example (Master Record Mail Name) stores data exactly as entered.
 An Amount Field, used to store financial figures, is restricted to only allow you to enter numbers. When consistency is required for searching or reporting purposes, CM5 restricts your field entry options by providing a list box to select predefined field entries. In many cases, CM5 allows you to create a Table-ized List of Field entry options into a dialogue box so that you only have to enter the item once.
Dialog Box
A Dialog Box is an interactive window that allows you to create entries that later become list box selections. CM5 catalogs your entry in a list format thereby enabling you to run searches based on the information. 

An example of a Dialog Box is the Employer Field as illustrated here.  This list contains options for your selection when you click the list box button the Master Edit Screen.  Enter the employer name in the New Entry space.  in the screen shot above, Aristotle is the employer name. The Add button saves the new employer information.  now when you click on the list box button in any record, Aristotle will always be an option for you to choose. 

The Browse Screen appears in CM to display the result of a search.  The Current Selection makes up the content of a Browse Screen. 

Selection is a reference to a subset of Records within a single Dataset. For example if you have
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