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Linking a Committee's Disbursement to a Legislator

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2010

The preferred method to link a committee's disbursement to a Legislator is to add the Legislator as "Candidate" in the "Committee Staff" section of the committee's record.

When a candidate is linked to a committee record, a memo transaction will automatically be generated.

The following method exists because at one point  there was no way to link staff to committees on 360. The solution remains in the FEC code just to make sure it is backwards compatible.

1. Open the Disbursement
2. Scroll to the bottom and select the Candidate Information Tab
3. Enter the Legislator's name or FEC ID and select Search
4. Select "Link" to link this disbursement with the correct Legislator. If the Legislator does not exist in you dataset you will need to add the Legislator first by going to File > New Legislator

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Article ID: 440
Last updated: 08 Mar, 2010
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