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Steps to Use Quick Search to Create a List

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Last updated: 12 Jun, 2009

The Quick Search box is always available on the left side of all pages in Aristotle 360, so you can create and save a list anytime you need to do so. Note, however, that you are limited to results that include either similar names or source IDs.

1. Beginning in any page of Aristotle 360, enter a keyword to search for in the Keyword(s) field of the Quick Search area. For this example, enter parsons.

2. Click the Quick Search button.

3. Individual Search Results window appears. By default, all records in the search results will be “selected”, which means you see a check in the checkbox next to the record. If you want only some of the results, click the Uncheck All button at left and then select to check the checkboxes for the specific records that you want to include. For this example, leave all of the Parsons records selected to make a list of these 16 individuals.

4. Click the Save List option from the left panel.

5. The Save List panel displays. Enter a name for your list in the List name: field. For this example, enter Parsons Family Members.

6. Enter a description for the list in the Description: text entry box. For this example, leave this blank since the name provides adequate identification.

7. Click the Save List button.

8. The Individual Search Results window redisplays with a message indicating the List was saved.

9 Close the Individual Search Results window by clicking the Close Window button in the upper right corner of the window. Navigate to the List Manager, and notice your newly created List is displayed.

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Article ID: 400
Last updated: 12 Jun, 2009
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