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Creating a New Campaign

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2009
  1. Beginning on the Campaign View/Search page, use the Search for existing campaigns fields to search the system to make sure the campaign you want to create has not already been created.
  2. If no existing campaign is found, click the Add New Campaign option.
  3. The Campaign page redisplays with a New Campaign entry form. Enter the name of the campaign in the Campaign Name: field.
  4. Next, set a start and end date, if applicable. In most cases, you will want a timeframe to help assess the effectiveness of the campaign.
  5. Select a category for this Campaign by clicking the drop-down arrow on the Category: field.
  6. The Campaign page redisplays.
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. The newly added category name is populated in the Category: field. Since you added a new category you will have to add a new sub-category. Click the New button next to the Sub-Category: field.
  9. The Campaign page redisplays.
  10. Click Add button.
  11. The newly added sub-category name is populated in the Sub-Category: field.
  12. Add any detailed notations for this campaign in the Description text box.
  13. Click the Save Changes option on the Options Bar.
  14. Click OK on the dialog box confirming the save so your base Campaign record is saved.
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Article ID: 193
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2009
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