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June Release - Sprint 115

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Sprint 115 Release Notes


Sprint 115 went live on June 11, 2020.   During this Sprint we added additional functionality to the Arena App, worked on Action Center integration with the Senate Communicating with Congress API, added Budget Cycle Budgeting and added a much requested feature to display Re-Election Year to Current Selection/Export.  Also – we have invested a considerable amount of energy improving the overall performance of Aristotle 360. Hopefully you will notice the applications running a bit faster!

Arena 360

Arena 360 is a dedicated Government Relations App that will provide your stakeholder access to a variety of information related to their legislators, Assets, Bills and Votes and more - all from their mobile device.  We envision our clients supporting multiple Apps dedicated to specific user personas – which may reflect Grassroots advocates, Lobbyists or Government Relations Staff. The App will be highly configurable so you can expose a variety of data best suited to your stakeholders.

During this Sprint we worked on the following items associated with the Arena 360 App.

New Standard UDFs for Individual Counts

We have added two new Standard UDFs that will provide a quick way to add these counts to your Asset/Footprint panel.

  1. Individual Count By Home Address – When added to your Footprint it will show Active individuals who live in Legislator’s district based on their Home Address
  2. Individual Count By Work Address – When added to your Footprint it will show active individuals who Work in Legislator’s district based on their Work Address.

Activities – Show Open and Close        

To add greater clarity relating to the Status of specific Activity Status Types we have added Open and Close indicator and organized the specific Status Types within the Status group.

Bills & Votes

We are preparing for a major upgrade to our Bills and Votes service in future Sprints. During this Sprint we did work to lay the foundation for future work.

User Interface Mock-Up & Design

Our UI/UX designer has created a new User Interface to our Bills and Votes feature.  You will be seeing this in the near future.

Add Legislative Subject(s) to Bills Details

You will notice that we have added Legislative Subject in Bills.  We will be expanding functionality associated with this field in the future. We will use this field in the future for Bill subscription, Reports and Searches.

Legislative Subject is a new field that is carried over from Federal and State source data and will display one or more Legislative Subjects where available.

Add Vote Date Picker to Assist in Vote Search

We added a Vote Date to assist in identifying Votes of interest. User will need to add additional criteria to locate specific vote.


Communicating with Congress Prefixes

We have added a “hidden” Advocacy Prefix that is used exclusively for integration with Communicating with Congress’ API Integration. A new API exists that will facilitate Advocate Message submission to Federal Senators. This restricts to Prefix that reflect (Mr., Mrs, Miss, Ms and Dr). We will use these to pass through the API. We will maintain in the submitted communication letter body the Prefer Individual Prefix maintained in the Individual record.  If Advocate has a non-conforming Prefix they will be requested to pick a Prefix from the five supported options provided by the Senate. Once selected, it will be written to the Advocacy Prefix and Not overwrite existing entry.

Aggregate Advocacy Alerts User Interface Mock-Up

We are working on a concept that will consolidate Advocacy Message within a single entry within a Legislator’s Activity Panel. The concern is the volume of messages may overwhelm the user from seeing other relevant information within the Activity panel.  We would consolidate all responses within a single entry while still supporting drill down capability.

Included is the mock-up for the expanded view:

We are looking to implement this view in an upcoming Sprint.

Budget Management

Support Budgeting by Election Cycle

We have updated Budgeting feature to support Budgeting by Election Cycle.  You can now select stored Election Cycles and the dates will be populated according to those cycle created by tech services. You will note that we have changed the following:

  1. Changed Select Date to “Budget By”
  2. Changed Select Date By to “Select Budget Cycle”
  3. The Drop Down will now work and automatically add relevant dates

SMS Texting

Update SMS Texting Service

We have update the SMS Texting Service to insure better performance. The new service has been built into the existing Mass Texting Activity framework and will support List distribution. We are focused on expanding the capability of this feature this year so look for new features coming soon.


Add Reelection Date to Current Selection, Query Builder and Export

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