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Arena 360

The Political App


Kevin Brennan Fitzgerald


Arena 360 is a highly configurable government relations app that may be tailored to the needs of specific user personas within your organization. Your organization may publish multiple Arena 360 Apps simultaneously to support these specific user groups.

For Example: Your paid staff may need the ability to write meeting notes from a Legislator Briefing whereas your advocates may demand the ability to take part in action alerts or register for a Fly-In.

Arena 360 App Vision:

  1. Centralize multiple Aristotle external Apps within a single “Arena“/Place from a single Aristotle 360 database.
  2. Provide a tailored experience based on User Persona so functionality may be delivered that meets their specific needs.

Why is it Called Arena?

Arena implies a defined area where dedicated and purposeful action takes place that is visible to spectators.  The spirit of the app is captured within a speech by President Theodore Roosevelt entitled “Citizenship in a Republic” delivered in Paris, France in 1910.   A much sited passage, by Presidents, athletes, business people and academics, is commonly referred to as “The Man in the Arena.”  

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

The App is designed to support individuals who spend their energies associated with these worthy causes.

Arena 360 Administration

Getting Started

Your organization may maintain one or more Arena 360 Apps as necessary to meet the needs of your stakeholders or user personas. 

The most important step is understanding how specific Users need to interact with your 360 data and related Apps.  You will associate the users to an Individual User Group individuals within Aristotle 360.

Once your Account Manager has serialized your Aristotle 360 to support Arena 360  you will see a new tab on the menu bar called “Arena 360”. This tab will manage all of your Arena 360 Apps.

Create a New Arena 360 App

  1. Select Arena 360 Menu
  2. Select Add New Arena 360
  3. The Admin Screen will be Displayed

Arena 360 Admin Page

The admin page will permit you to setup your App. You can apply a custom name, URL, Branding, Functional Areas and define what Assets to pull into the Footprint section of the Legislator Profile.

App Basics - This section defines the Name and URL that you will use for your Arena 360 App.

  1. Name Your App – This is the App’s Name. It will display on the App as well as within the App List.
    1. App Name Must Be Unique – If you have multiple Apps you will not be able to name two Apps with the same name.
    2. App Name will be displayed within Mass Email so you can provision users and drive users to site within Mass Email
  2. Enter Your App Prefix – You will define the prefix that will be dynamically inserted into the URL
    1. Prefix
      1. You may only use apha-numeric characters including slash (/).
      2. Prefix must be unique between your Apps
      3. Characters must be contiguous

User Setting - The User Setting will define the individual users who are permitted to access this specific site. This is a mandatory Field. Click drop down and select an Individual Group that has been previously defined.

  1. An Individual MUST be associated to the group to be able to register or login
    1. An individual, even if registered, will no longer have access to the App when he/she are removed from the selected group
  2. An individual may be associated to one or more Apps based on One or More Groups. They would need to access the specific URL for their intended App based on their needs. Each App will have distinct URLs so they would need to book mark both URLs.

Branding - This section governs your App Logo, Background Image and Header Style

  1. App Logo – This is the logo that will display within the creative element above the App Name. Simply select browse and navigate to image and select.
    1. Specifications
      1. Logo Must Be at least 200 x 200 Pixels
      2. 1:1
    2. The Logo will also be displayed as the Icon on the mobile device shortcut if saved to the user’s phone when using device’s add to home screen link bookmark.
    3. Default – A default image is set as an icon if you wish to skip this step
  2. App Background Image – To provide a more polished experience you may set a background image to be displayed on the Login Screen and App Screen. Simply select browse and navigate to image and select.
    1. Specifications
      1. Must be at least 500 x 1000 Pixels
      2. 1:2
  3. Select Header Style – You can configure Header to display App Name on Side or below Icon.
    1. Selection will update App Preview on Right Side of screen
  4. Login Page, Dashboard Page, Detail/List Page, Activities/Meeting Page controls – User may invoke different color treatments by selecting rectangle drop down to apply different colors to different sections of the Arena 360 App.

Manage Functional AreasYou may turn on and off functionality using the toggle. When toggle shows blue (right) the feature is active on the App. As new functional areas are rolled out they will display within Manage Functional Areas section and may be utilized.

Displaying Asset Information

A powerful feature of Arena 360 is the ability to promote custom Asset information relating to your organization within the Footprint Section of the Legislator Record.

Select UDF Display - The select UDF Display section manages your assets within the Legislator Profile under the “Footprint” blade within the App.  You can promote different Organization Groups, Organization UDF(s) and Custom/Standard UDFs.

To publish asset in the Footprint or Legislative Header Section you can select any Organization UDF in the drop down. The Organization UDF is associated to an Organization Record in Aristotle 360. The organization must maintain a valid address that is linked to a Legislator Record. This link is how the Asset (Org UDF and Group) is linked within the Legislator page in Arena 360.

Organization Groups – The Organization Group feature, within Footprint, will create a List of Active Organizations based on their assignment to an Organization Group.  The illustration shows you how each Organization is displayed based on its associated Grouping.

You can see in the example this location has been associated to Medical Center in the record’s Group Panel within Aristotle 360.

When configuring Arena 360 we add the Group Name we wish to display under Facilities and the Select the corresponding Group we wish to display.

The system will automatically add the Group Header based on the Custom Facilities name and show the address for each Organization that was tagged.

You can add as many Facilities as you wish and each Group will be promoted into the Footprint.

Organization UDF – This section permits the administrator to publish Custom Data that will be displayed within the Footprint Section of the Legislator’s record.


In the example above we wish to display UDF values for the Following UDFs: Donations, Organization Customers and Members. Again, we will apply a more user friendly name by entering a corresponding name in the “Displayed As” field(s).

We can manage Calculations (Sum or Average) by level (District, State or Nationwide) by using the controls provided.

In the Case of Donations (Research Dollars) we are going to Sum the numeric Values by Legislator District so the calculation is based on the legislative district of the selected legislator. If I select a State Senator, and we have the Donations UDF link to an organization(s), Arena 360 will aggregate All of the UDF values and display for that specific State Senate District. If the user then looks up a Federal Representative all organizations that have Donations will be displayed for that Legislator’s Congressional District.

You could also set the Calculation to show the aggregate for the entire State or Nation. In this case it will write the statewide or nationwide value based on the Legislator’s state or alternatively display the nationwide total.  

Lastly – if you select Header it will display the value in the Header portion of the Legislator’s record as well as the Footprint section. 

Custom/Standard UDFs – Arena 360 supports a variety of scenarios out of the box using Organization Groups and UDFs. In some cases, a client may have unique requirements for special calculations not handled or anticipated by Aristotle. We have populated one Custom case whereby Arena 360 will display the Organization Count based on the calculation provided in the Aristotle 360 Legislator Record under Constituents & Relationships. We will add additional ones in the future. If you have additional requirements please contact your Account Manager so that we can discuss the best way to implement your request.

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