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March Release - Sprint 113

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Last updated: 17 Mar, 2020


Sprint 113 Release Notes

March Release


Sprint 113 went live on March 17, 2020.   During this Sprint we continued work on the forth-coming Arena 360 App, added the ability to Link Bill and Issue to Activities and added support for Two-Factor Authentication. 

Arena 360

Arena 360 is a dedicated Government Relations App that will provide your stakeholder access to a variety of information related to their legislators, Assets, Bills and Votes and more - all from their mobile device.  We envision our clients supporting multiple Apps dedicated to specific user personas – which may reflect Grassroots advocates, Lobbyists or Government Relations Staff. The App will be highly configurable so you can expose a variety of data best suited to your stakeholders.

During this Sprint we worked on the following items associated with the Arena 360 App.

Activity Management

Arena 360 will permit user to review legacy Activities as well as add new activities directly through the App.  Arena 360 supports adding Appointments, Call, Email and Task activities. 

Activities Supports the following:

  • Start and End Date
  • Start and End Time
  • Subject
  • Organizers – One or More Organizers may be linked to the activity
  • Attendee(s) – Legislator selected will automatically be added. User may add additional individuals, legislators or staffers to activity as well
  • Bill Number – User may add a tracked Bill to the activity (Available to All Activity Types) Optional
  • Issue – User may add an Issue to Activity (Available to All Activity Types) Optional
  • Notes/Description – Narrative notes to record information related to meeting
  • Status

Note: Tracked Bills reflect Bills that are currently tracked within Aristotle 360. Issues reflect entries currently maintained Activity Issues. This may be customized based on client’s need but have been pre-populated with a list of Issues that may be useful from a broad categorization standpoint.

Adding an Activity

  1. Select a Legislator
  2. Open Activity Blade
  3. Select “+”
  4. Select Activity Type you wish to record
    1. Appointment
    2. Call
    3. Email
    4. Task
  5. Enter fields as required


Arena 360 will also assist you in retrieving tracked Bills from within Aristotle 360. All of your tracked bills will be promoted within the Arena 360 App.

After selecting the Legislation Icon a list of all tracked bills will be served to the user. The User may filter the list by the following criteria:

  • Keyword – Simple Text Search
  • Bill Number – The Bill Number associated with a specific Bill
  • Level – Federal or State
  • State – If searching for State you can further refine search by a specific State.

Once you identify your Bill you may select and see additional information.

Activity Enhancements

To add additional insight in to your activities we have added two new elements that will give you greater insight into the focus of your activities. This applies to both Arena 360 and the Aristotle 360 application.  We created Activity Issue and Bills linkage to activities. These are optional fields that you may implement to gain additional insights into your activities. We will be adding support to Query Builder, Action Center and other areas of the application to provide a deeper understanding of your efforts and how they translate into legislative success.


We have added the ability to link Bills to Activity (Appointment, Phone, Email and Task).  Bills must first be tracked within Aristotle 360 prior to them being available in the Bill user interface.


We have created a new Issue type for Activity that permits the user to tag an issue against an Activity.   This setting must be enabled for the database by your Account Manager so please reach out to them to insure it is available.

When enabled, the user may access the Activity Issues that have been pre-loaded by navigating to Settings->Add/Edit Issues and then navigating to Activity.

To add a new Issue Activity

  1. Select Activity
  2. Click Add Key Issue (List will Expand)
  3. Type in New Value and select <<Enter>>. A Confirmation Message will appear verifying your new Activity Issue Appears.

Two-Factor Authentication

Aristotle has received requests to enhance are already strong security with Two-Factor Authentication.  This optional service, please consult with your Account Manager, enforces Two-Factor Authentication for Aristotle 360 Users when enabled. The administrative users will have the choice to receive an Authentication Code via SMS Text Message and/or by Phone.

NOTE: Under My User Section a phone number MUST be entered.   For maximum flexibility it is recommend that a Mobile Number is maintained. A direct phone number (landline) may be entered. We cannot not make calls to Phone Numbers with Extensions!

To this end, we have added a new setting called Two-Factor Authentication to DB Settings.

Upon Log In a Two-Factor Authentication Screen will presented that will ask the user if they would like to receive Authentication Code via SMS or by a phone call.

The Code will be passed as requested and User will be presented a dialogue screen.

After Adding the Code and selecting Verify the User will be granted Access to Aristotle 360.

Example SMS of Two-Factor Authentication

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Article ID: 1253
Last updated: 17 Mar, 2020
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