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January Release - Sprint 112

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2020


Sprint 112 Release Notes

January Release


Sprint 112 went live on January 30, 2020.   During this Sprint we continued work on the forth-coming Arena 360 App.  We also added some improvements to Action Center.

Arena 360

Arena 360 is a dedicated Government Relations App that will provide your stakeholder access to a variety of information related to their legislators, Assets, Bills and Votes and more - all from their mobile device.  We envision our clients supporting multiple Apps dedicated to specific user personas – which may reflect Grassroots advocates, Lobbyists or Government Relations Staff. The App will be highly configurable so you can expose a variety of data best suited to your stakeholders.

During this Sprint we worked on the following items associated with the Arena 360 App.

Asset Management

The Arena 360 is designed to permit the administrator to identify and publish custom asset data stored within Organization Groups, Organization UDFs, and to support custom built asset counts.

The admin will select one or more assets that will be displayed within the Footprint blade on the Legislator Page. The Admin can publish location information by selecting Organization Groups so that the Asset’s address is displayed. Org UDF data can be calculated if the admin would like to show counts or averages associated to numeric values within the UDF. For example: An Organization UDF may maintain a numeric value that represents the number of retirees associated to a specific facility. You can select to show number by state, district or total nationwide count. Lastly,  Aristotle will make available Custom calculations that may be published to the Footprint blade. We have created a # Of Facilities that will show a calculation of facilities present in a legislator district. Also, these calculations may be promoted into the Legislator Header for added emphasis of useful data points.

Political Giving Blade

Within the Arena 360 App we have provided a dedicated blade to display the PACs political contributions to the displayed legislator’s primary campaign committee, any authorized committee as well as any Joint Fundraising Committee. In short, any political contribution (excluding negative transactions, refunds, and memo entries are factored but not displayed) to the legislator’s linked political committee is shown.  The Arena 360 App will display contribution data for four (4) years.

Legislator Contact

The Arena 360 App will display Capitol and District contact information to assist you and your activists in finding a legislator’s office or making calls. The Address, Phone and Email are links so they will exploit native dialer, email, and mapping present on phone.

Legislator Staff

We publish all Legislative Staff in the Official’s Staff blade. The staffer’s name, title, email, mobile phone (if present in their 360 record) are displayed. Clicking phone will launch native dialer on your phone.

Add To Mobile Home Page

Added slider to show steps on how to add Arena 360 App to user’s mobile home screen.  When logging into the App a slider will appear and provide the necessary steps. Once added, an Icon will be placed on the user’s screen for ready access to the site.

Action Center

One Click Advocacy

We have instituted a control to prevent multiple alerts from being sent to legislator(s) if One Click Advocacy link is clicked multiple times.  Subsequent clicks will present an information page detailing that user has sent alert previously and superfluous alerts will not be sent.

Registration Match Logic

We have updated the Registration match logic to address an issue where a valid email is found but the ZIP does not match which results in a duplicate record being created.   The new logic will reflect the following:

  1. Match by email only ->If one found update
  2. If none found insert
  3. If multiple found
    1. Match by Email and ZIP
      1. If none found by Email and ZIP then display results to user and let them pick

Permission Control

We have update the Permission section to control the display of menu items associated with Action Center, Regulatory Advocacy and Action Center Settings. Now administrator(s) can hide these functions from specific users by configuring users within Users Permission Groups setting within the Settings Tab.  

You can add/remove permissions to a User Permission Group by enabling the appropriate access required by your users.

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