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December Release - Sprint 111

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Last updated: 18 Dec, 2019


Sprint 111 Release Notes

December Release


Sprint 111 went live on December 18, 2019.   During this Sprint we continued work on the forth-coming “Lobby App” hereafter called by its go-to-market name, Arena 360.  We also added a Pledge Created on Date within the Pledge panel as well as performed some research on adding an Asset Mapping feature to Aristotle 360 and the forthcoming Arena 360 App.

Arena 360

Arena 360 is a dedicated Government Relations App that will provide your stakeholder access to a variety of information related to their legislators, Assets, Bills and Votes and more - all from their mobile device.  We envision our clients supporting multiple Apps dedicated to specific user personas – which may reflect Grassroots advocates, Lobbyists or Government Relations Staff. The App will be highly configurable so you can expose a variety of data best suited to your stakeholders.

There will be no items released within the Sprint as this will project will demand multiple Sprint development effort.   We are hoping to make the product available to select clients next Sprint for evaluation and feedback.

During this Sprint we worked on the following items associated with the Arena 360 App.

Login and Forgot Password Functionality

To provision your users they must first create a username and password using our standard email functionality that will detect if they have setup the necessary credentials.

When accessing the App for the first time they will be prompted to create a strong password.  The user, during subsequent sessions, may go directly to the login screen and enter credentials.

Users may access the Forgot Password and a reset password link, if they have forgotten password that will trigger a reset password link email to be sent.  If user has permission to access the App they will be able to access link and create a new password.

Create Arena 360 Home Page

The Arena 360 Home Page will reflect the branding and functional areas configured within the Arena 360 Settings page.

After user has successfully logged into the App they will see the areas that have been setup and associated to the user’s permission group based on an individual UDF assignment.

By way of example, the following Arena 360 App was setup to support Legislators, Legislation and Meeting elements.

Search and Show Legislator Details

We also completed work on the Search Legislator page and many elements associated with the detailed Legislator record.

The user may search by a variety of elements that include:

  • Legislator First and Last Name
  • Level – Federal, State or Local
  • State
  • District
  • Legislative Committee
  • Legislative Sub-Committee

*Note – User must search by either Name and/or, to reduce the number of returned rows, Level when searching by Committee data.

Arena 360  will support Legislator data that includes Legislator Rating, Grassroot Footprint, Committee (Sub-Committee and Caucus as well) data, Contact information, Footprint/Asset information, Political Spending by organization’s PAC to the Legislator’s Linked Political Committee(s), Legislative Biography, Personal information, Staff Directory and Bills and Votes


Arena 360 Administrative Functions

During this Sprint we also completed the necessary backend functions necessary to serialize clients with the Lobby App that include automation of Arena 360 URL creation, Security,  Database Settings and integration within the Aristotle 360 Mass Email Activity framework to support Arena 360 links.

Other Items

We also worked on a variety of other items during the Sprint that include:

  • Advanced Search Better handling of UDF data and management of names that contain Apostrophes.
  • Dashboard – Address issue within Party widget splitting category entries
  • Import Manager – Sort by Created on Date
  • Pledges – Show Pledge Created on Date within Panel


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Article ID: 1250
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2019
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