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November Release - Sprint 110

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Last updated: 18 Dec, 2019


Sprint 110 Release Notes

November Release


Sprint 110 went live on November 8, 2019.   During this Sprint we continued work on the forth-coming “Lobby App” settings portion, corrected some item associated and implemented some Security items to keep your Aristotle360 as secure as possible. 

Lobby App

Aristotle is developing a dedicated Government Relations App that will provide your stakeholder access to a variety of information related to their legislators, Assets, Bills and Votes and more all from their mobile device.  We envision our clients supporting multiple Apps dedicated to specific user personas – which may reflect Grassroots advocates, Lobbyists or Government Relations Staff. The APP will be highly configurable so you can expose a variety of data best suited to your stakeholders.

There will be no item released within the Sprint as this will project will demand multiple Sprint development effort.  

In Sprint 110 we completed the Login portion of the App, Settings, and Publishing.  

Settings Portion – Some additional work will be necessary to integrate client specific Asset information that should be finished in Sprint 112.  Below you will find the settings portion that should provide insight on the depth of custom management that will be available to our clients.  As elements are added the Preview on the right side of the page will update to provide feedback on your design choices.

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Article ID: 1248
Last updated: 18 Dec, 2019
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