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September Release - Sprint 108

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Last updated: 03 Sep, 2019


Sprint 108 Release Notes

September Release


Sprint 108 went live on September 4, 2019.   During this Sprint we included new functionality to our Webform builder, added aggregate receipt search to Individual Search,  and updated our export notification method.


Support Ability to Configure Additional Address Types

Historically, Aristotle’s webform only supported Home Address.  This release now permits users to configure Home, Work, Primary and Vacation addresses.  All legacy/existing webforms will default to Home – this is current behavoir.  The Admin user will now see a toggle within Webform that will control the address type to be used within the webform.  If an advocate/donor/investor is authenitcated the corresponding address type will display. This data may be edited by webform visitor unless “Read Only” has been set.


  • A webform may support a single address type
  • Only Webforms created using the new webform method may configure address type
  • If Address Type is Configured as “Primary” and no Primary Address exist it will write address data to Home Address and mark as “Primary”
  • When a new advocate enters address data it will be set as “Primary Address” based on configured address type

Steps to Configure an Address within Webform

  1. Select File->Web Form Builder
  2. Go To Basic Info Section
  3. Select Address Type toggle and set to desired type
  4. Update Label Name so user understands desired input values – Especially if you are updating an existing form!
  5. Save

Support Clear and Replace of Group Data

Webform builder permits 360 Users to capture a variety of data. In order to keep your data current, Webform builder now supports Clear and Replace of Group Data values.   The Webform Admin may set Group Options to support “Overwrite Groups” so that a user may either overwrite previous submission OR mark Group data blank.

Note: Since users may alter data including the removal of existing value(s) with a blank entry it is recommended that “Required” is checked so user will not inadvertently select a blank value and overwrite a valid existing entry.

Example: Admin would like user to update/add their Corporate Division.  The form above has been created as Required and Overwrite Group so the latest information may be capture.

Initial Group Division from individual’s record shows Marketing.

User access webform and selects “Sales”

Record has been update to show “Sales”

Individual Search

Aggregate Receipt Search

Many Aristotle 360 Users find the need to search for individuals based on their Aggregate Receipts and the current method, while effective, may be cumbersome.

Aristotle 360 now provides a dedicated Aggregate Search method from Individual Search.

A new toggle is displayed showing Single Receipt (by Default) and  Aggregate Receipts.  The Aggregate  Receipt will return individual records based on the parameters entered.

The Example shown is a search for individuals that have contributions in Aggregrate of $500.00 to $2,500.00 between 1/1/19 and 8/30/19.

To add the aggregate receipt amount within a column in the univeral list/result set do the following:

  1. List Functions- Select Add/Edit Fields and Calculations
  2. Select Total Receipts Calculated
  3. Set Dates/Periods on Calculations option box to reflect date parameter in original search

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Article ID: 1245
Last updated: 03 Sep, 2019
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