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April Release - Sprint 104

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Last updated: 25 Apr, 2019


Sprint 104 Release Notes

April Release


Sprint 104 went live on April 25, 2019.   During this Sprint we made a number of enhancements relating to our SMS Texting service, how we split Credit Card payments, the Mass Email Wizard and updating our States Bills and Votes API to work with the new Open States API.

SMS Texting

Support Aristotle 360 Dynamic Linking

Aristotle 360 reimagines the standard boring text message, using a new integration with OpenMessage platform, with dynamic messages that are personalized and creatively engaging.  OpenMessage provides our customers with the ability to send SMS Texts that include personalization, creative elements and (branding, pictures, etc.) and dynamic linking that ultimately deliver greater conversion rates. 

During this release, you can now send SMS Text Messages that include Aristotle 360 links that include Action Alerts (with Auto-Login or One-Click Action), Webform link or any Aristotle specific link currently supported in the application.

Simply save a list of individuals from your Opt-In list and contact your account manager.  We will assist you in setting up the campaign and getting your message out to your audience.

Recurring Credit Card Payments

CC.COM API Enhancement

CC.COM, our credit card payment processor, recently made changes that allows Aristotle 360 to better manage recurring contributions where the amount does not split evenly. In the past, a $1,000 contribution broken out over three payments would leave a $.01 balance as the payments would reflect three payments of $333.33.

This new release will now permit the processor to create payments that will achieve the full amount of the intended contribution.  This would mean one payment, in the above scenario, would heavy-up a   payment to include the missing $.01. The confirmation email will transmit the payments to your donor/investor.

Mass Email Wizard

Expand Viewable Area

During this release we updated the way the Mass Email Wizard opens to expand the App so the user will have a larger canvas to work within. The Email Wizard will now Open in a New Tab providing a full screen experience automatically.

State Bills & Votes

Update Open State API version 2

Recently, Open State changed their API which impacted Aristotle 360’s ability to pull State Bills and Vote data. During this Sprint we created a new API to pull State level Bills and Votes Data using Open States’ new method to restore this functionality.

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Article ID: 1239
Last updated: 25 Apr, 2019
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