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September Release - Sprint 97

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018


Sprint 97 Release Notes

 September Release


Sprint 97 went live on September 1, 2018.

In Sprint 97 we integrated a couple items relating to our Mass Email capability.  We have added Merge Fields within the new Email Template builder so templates are in a ready state when called into the Mass Email Wizard. Also, Aristotle 360 will now provide the option to capture the reason an individual Unsubscribed from an Email list. Our UI/UX team completed the User Interface redesign for the Conduit Management Application. We anticipate releasing the new Conduit Management application in Sprint 98.  Lastly, there were a variety of performance enhancements within this release as well.

Mass Email

New Email Template Editor Merge Code Integration

The August Release delivered a new Email Template editor.  During this release we have integrated Aristotle Merge Code fields within the Modern Template Editor so your template is in a ready state when called into the Mass Activity Wizard. Note: User will still need to add Aristotle links using the traditional method for adding links to action alerts, webforms and other Aristotle resources.

Select Merge Fields Button to Insert Merge Fields. Notice we have broken out the Merge Fields in related groups.

Expanded View:

Email Unsubscribe Tracking – Reason for Unsubscribe

Aristotle Mass Email services now supports, as an option, the ability to track the reason for an email unsubscribe. 

After an advocate has selected Unsubscribe Link, in the email, they are immediately unsubscribed. There was no change to “One Click Unsubscribe” process. Now, from the Email Unsubscribe Confirmation Page the advocate will have the opportunity to record the Reason why they are unsubscribing.  A default Group Category has been created within all databases called “UNSUBSCRIBE REASON”. 

The Aristotle 360 Administrator has the ability to manage the available “Reasons” displaying on the Confirmation Page.  New Group(s) may be added using the normal method within Settings->Add/Edit Groups.

You may view the Reason an email was unsubscribed in the Global Unsubscribed Email Address panel where a new column has been added called “Reason”. If blank, no reason has been provided by the individual. You may also export the list by selecting the Export button.

Note: Since an email may be associated to one or more individuals the Reason/Unsubscribed status is not viewable within the Individual(s) record.

Conduit Management

New User Interface

Aristotle 360 has supported State Conduit management and reporting for a decade. We are revising the user interface and simplifying the workflow to make this system even easier to use. During this release we worked on a new User Interface. In the next release we will have it ready for release.

The images below represent the new interface:

Conduit Management Home Screen:

Conduit Management Disbursement Creation Screen:

Individual Allocation Screen:

Transaction Linking

Show Election Period in Grid

To assist in transaction linking we know show “Election Period” within the linking grid.  In the past, user may be confused if they were linking transactions where two transactions showed same amount and date.


Enhance Load Speed of Action Center

We have radically improved the load times of long Action Center lists from a minute to several seconds

Enhance Performance of Group Member Removal

When editing a large group it would appear that the page was no longer responding. Although still active, due to the number of records processed, we have enhanced the method to edit the groups and improved the overall performance of the action.

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Article ID: 1231
Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018
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