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Last updated: 02 May, 2018

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Aristotle Express Advocacy

One Click Advocacy is a reality! This enhancement moves take action from a dedicated webpage to your Advocate’s email client!  To date, all Advocacy vendors required a known advocate to navigate to a dedicated webpage that contained the action alert to send an advocacy email to their legislators. Advocates are looking for a more streamlined process and Grassroots Professionals are looking for higher conversion rates. We still support the traditional approach but are excited to re-invent e-advocacy as it has been traditionally done.

Using Aristotle 360’s Mass Email Wizard you can setup your email to incorporate the Aristotle Express Advocacy feature.  This feature works with any stored Email Template and supports all existing Merge Fields.

A new element has been added to the Alert Link in Mass Email called “One Click Advocacy”.  The Admin will select a single Action Alert and select One Click Advocacy. When selected, Click through Tracking and Auto-Login are automatically enabled and Two Buttons will appear within the email.   The buttons are as follows:

  • Send Letter to Legislator(s) – When clicked by advocate the configured letter will automatically have target(s) applied and the email sent.  The advocate will be see the Confirmation Page appear in their browser and activities are written to the database.
  • Preview/Edit – When selected the advocate will be logged in and the alert email will be displayed. From here the advocate may send or edit as required.

Steps to Insert Aristotle Express Advocacy Elements within Your Email:

  1. Open Mass Email Activity
    1. Add Template (Optional)
    2. Add Letter Content
    3. Position Cursor where you would like Aristotle Express Advocacy button combination to appear. You can have the button combo appear multiple times.
  2. Select Link Insert
  3. Link Menu
    1. Link Type = Action Alert
    2. Action Alert = Select previously configured and published Action Alert from drop down
    3. Select “One Click Advocacy” to insert Button Combinations
  4. Send Email as Normal

Note: You can modify text slug within email.

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Article ID: 1226
Last updated: 02 May, 2018
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