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May Release - Sprint 93

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Sprint 93 Release Notes

May Release


The March Release went live on May 1st.

Sprint 93 provides a unique new feature for Advocacy Professionals called “Aristotle Express Advocacy” found only in Aristotle Advocacy.  Express Advocacy permits your Advocates to send an action alert letter directly from their email client with a single click. An additional enhancement to the email service is the addition of new Pledge based Mail Merge fields.  Also – we have made a change to error handling within our Webforms to better highlight missing required data fields. We now support additional characters in Relationship Strength with in our Relationship management screen.  For Agency Advocacy/Regulation users you may now delete Regulations in 360.    Lastly, for clients using i-360, Aristotle now provides a Push API to automatically send receipts to their i-360 database.


Aristotle Express Advocacy

 One Click Advocacy is a reality! This enhancement moves take action from a dedicated webpage to your Advocate’s email client!  To date, all Advocacy vendors required a known advocate to navigate to a dedicated webpage that contained the action alert to send an advocacy email to their legislators. Advocates are looking for a more streamlined process and Grassroots Professionals are looking for higher conversion rates. We still support the traditional approach but are excited to re-invent e-advocacy as it has been traditionally done.

Using Aristotle 360’s Mass Email Wizard you can setup your email to incorporate the Aristotle Express Advocacy feature.  This feature works with any stored Email Template and supports all existing Merge Fields.

A new element has been added to the Alert Link in Mass Email called “One Click Advocacy”.  The Admin will select a single Action Alert and select One Click Advocacy. When selected, Click through Tracking and Auto-Login are automatically enabled and Two Buttons will appear within the email.   The buttons are as follows:

  • Send Letter to Legislator(s) – When clicked by advocate the configured letter will automatically have target(s) applied and the email sent.  The advocate will be see the Confirmation Page appear in their browser and activities are written to the database.
  • Preview/Edit – When selected the advocate will be logged in and the alert email will be displayed. From here the advocate may send or edit as required.

Steps to Implement within your Email:

  1. Open Mass Email Activity
    1. Add Template (Optional)
    2. Add Letter Content
    3. Position Cursor where you would like Aristotle Express Advocacy button combination to appear. You can have the button combo appear multiple times.
  2. Select Link Insert
  3. Link Menu
    1. Link Type = Action Alert
    2. Action Alert = Select previously configured and published Action Alert from drop down
    3. Select “One Click Advocacy” to insert Button Combinations
  4. Send Email as Normal

Note: You can modify text slug within email.

New Pledge Merge Fields

You will now find new Pledge Merge Fields for Mass Emails. These are calculated fields that will correspond to the latest Open Pledge for individuals. 

The new merge fields reflect the following:

Outstanding Pledge Amount

Pledge Created On Date

Pledge Amount

Pledge Recurrence

Pledge Value Type



Error Handling

We have improved our error handling when advocates/donors submit forms missing required fields. Required fields will be marked with a red asterisks and if values are missing the box will turn red with text appearing by the field with “Required Field” in red when user hits submit.

Aristotle 360

Expand character support for Relationship Field in District Information, Relationships & Voting History

Relationship Strength column will not handle additional characters and wrap the entry if too long to be supported within the column.

We have also done some minor User Interface updates to the panel.


Regulation Deletion

Aristotle 360 now supports the deletion of Agency Regulations stored in 360.   A “delete” button is now available within the Regulation Detail view.

Note: If a Regulation is currently associated to an action alert or other activity data an error message will appear to prevent the inadvertent deletion of needed Regulation information.


Push API To I-360 (non-affiliated with Aristotle International)

This API integration supports push receipt information created within the Aristotle 360 database.  This service will run once per day and send all receipt information, and individual information where needed, since the last time the service ran.  The service will construct the data payload, authenticate to I-360, get the token bearer and post data to the appropriate database.  Posted data will be searchable from the I-360 web portal interface.

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Last updated: 30 Apr, 2018
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