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February Release - Sprint 91

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Sprint 91 Release Notes

February Release


The January Release went live on February 21st.

This development sprint focused on adding Federated Access to our Government Relations features. Federated Access is ideally tailored for National organizations, typically Associations or Non-Profits, that maintain state and/or local entities. Federated Access restricts data access to only appropriate levels. For Example a state user in Maryland would not be able to access another state’s data nor National membership data unless the user has been explicitly granted access.  Also,  we have made some enhancements to Action Center, and Webform.

Federated Access

Create a Mass Activity

Federated Access enforcement for viewing and creating Mass Activities. Users would be allowed to create Mass Activities (Email, SMS Test and Phone Bank) targeted to individuals who belong to their Federated Access Group or a child group.  A user may never publish or target to a group higher.  For clients with Federated Access enabled they will see a drop down for Federated Access within the Mass Activity Wizard. For those clients not using Federated Access the drop down will not be shown.

When creating a Mass Activity, with Federated Access enabled, A drop down box labeled Federated Access will be displayed. It will be populated with Federated Access Group values associated to the logged in user. Also – Programs, Saved Lists and Groups will display options will be restricted to Federated Access Groups associated to the Logged in User.

View/Search for a Mass Activity

As a 360 Federated Access user I will only be able to view or search for Mass Activities associated to Federated Access Groups to which I have rights.  This will reduce lists size of Mass Activities and prevent unauthorized access to Mass Activity belonging to a higher Federated Access Group.

Query Builder – Search and Export Federated Access Groups

Using Aristotle 360 users can do advanced searches using Query Builder.  We have added the capability to Query Builder to search for individuals based on Federated Access Group membership. 

Users may also add Federated Access Group column to display within a Current Selection/Universal List by adding new Federated Access Group column to the display. The column will display the comma separated Federated Access Groups of individuals within the list.

Note: Available Federated Access Group fields will display on those Federated Access Groups that the logged user has rights to access.

To Get Started do the following:

  1. Got to Query Builder
  2. Main Search Record: Individual 
  3. Select field Federated Access Group
  4. Operate Equals
  5. Field: Desired Federated Access Group

Add Federated Access Control to Action Alert Administration

For clients who have Federated Access enabled a new drop down will be displayed to add Federate Access Group field within an Action Alert.  Further enhancements are predicated on the addition of this field.  

A new field will be available that will display all Federated Access Groups in a tree form to which the administrator has rights. For new alerts all the user’s Federated Access Groups will be assigned to the Alert by default. The user may deselect one or more Federated Access groups as required by using Select All/Clear All or by individual group.

Action Center

Phone Alerts – Support Thank You Talking Points

Aristotle Advocacy provides dedicated Phone Advocacy functionality. Phone Advocacy provides the ability to create talking points (think bulleted talking points designed to guide your advocates in their conversations). 

We have enhanced this functionality to automatically serve Thank You talking points for those legislators that have supported a specific bill (Federal or State) detailed during the Alert setup process.  A new section has been added to the Setup Wizard called Thank You Talking Points. Within the Advocate facing User Interface “Thank You” will precede the Legislator’s Name to indicate the advocate will be using Thank You Talking points.


Modifications to Webform Wizard

Aristotle’s Webform permits clients to publish forms to the web to support fundraising, group assignments and joining membership lists.   We have made some modifications to make the Wizard more effective.

Captcha – Enable Captcha has been moved to Tab 2 (Form Options) to provide more visibility to users.

Form Submission Confirmation Message – Editor has been moved to a dedicated Tab called Confirm Options (Tab 5).

Remove Confirm Options Button from Themes Tab


Automatic Year Change Update to Period

Many users have webforms designed to accept credit card donations that remain published over a period of years.   A key component of these donation forms is the designated period to which the contribution is attributed for compliance purposes.   When the admin selects Automatic Year Change the form will now automatically trigger the period year change on January 1st without any further intervention from the admin.

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2018
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