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Search For Legislators By Votes - Federal or State

Article ID: 1215
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018

Search for Legislators by Vote   

Aristotle 360 now supports searching for legislators based on votes within Query Builder.  You can search for legislators based on one or multiple votes. Please note that these queries are intensive and may run for a minute or more.

How To:

  1. Search->Query Builder
  2. Main Search Record = Legislator
    1. Legislator Full Name = Contains Data
    2. Custom Vote Name = Tax Cut and Job Act (for example)
      1. Available Fields to Search
        1. Bill Number
        2. Vote Number/Roll Call Number
          1. For State Votes – this field is not recommend!
        3. Title – supports “Contains” Statement
        4. Jurisdiction (Federal or State)
        5. Chamber
        6. Result – Passed, Failed etc.
        7. Vote Option
        8. Vote Position
        9. Vote Comments
        10. Custom Vote Name
        11. Key Vote

  1. View Results

Article ID: 1215
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
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