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Thank and Spank - State Alerts

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Last updated: 16 Jan, 2018

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Thank and Spank for State Alerts

Aristotle Advocacy now supports automatic Thank You letter generation for State Action Alerts.  The Admin, when configuring the alert, selects a single state and enters a Bill then within Messages adds the Thank You Letter content.


  1. Select Jurisdiction = State
  2. Select a Single State and Bill Capture Field will appear
    1. Enter Bill by typing a few characters
    2. User can set a Bill for House and State Senate as well
  3. Messages – Admin will add thank you message content

Advocate Experience

An advocate will know they are sending a Thank You letter when viewing the Recipient List as it will highlight in Green Recipient Legislator’s Name and note “Thank You” . Also, the Take Action and Thank You Message content will be different if they toggle to a non-Thank you letter.

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Article ID: 1213
Last updated: 16 Jan, 2018
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