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December Release - Sprint 89

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Sprint 89 Release Notes

December Release


The December Release went live on December 13th.  

This development sprint focused on enhancements to Action Center, and localization efforts for Aristotle 360 for Canada.

Action Center

Phone Advocacy Setup

We have moved Phone Advocacy talking points to the message section within the Action Alert Wizard.  This change will make the Alert setup process more intuitive for Phone Alerts.

  • When Phone is selected for Advocacy Delivery Medium under Admin Info within the Wizard, Talking Points workflow will appear in Messages section.
  • Admin will no longer have to go to Messages->Setting-Message Editable->Editable with Talking Points to setup Talking Points

Verify User Bypass Function when Advocate has been authenticated using an SSO

A recent enhancement was implemented to protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and prevent unauthorized record changes. The scenario occurs for advocates that click a Mass Email link with advocate login enabled so they may take action. If they wish to view or change their personal information they must enter credentials to verify they are the correct user.  This scenario has caused some issues with clients employing an SSO for authentication.

This update will accepts an SSO Authorized Advocate as being natively verified so they may view or change their information.  The session will remain active for a period of time to insure advocate is not presented the Verify User Challenge.  Also – Additional helper text has been added to instruct advocate on next steps.

Remove Hard Targeting Option for Federal Alerts

As requested by the Office of the Chief Information Resources (HIR) US House of Representatives and Federal Legislator offices, all Advocacy Vendors are to put in place controls to prevent sending of legislators non-constituent advocacy messages.   Aristotle has, based on their request, removed the Hard Targeting option within Aristotle Advocacy. For Federal Alerts, under the Targeting Option ->Settings-> Targeting Type the only option is “Supporter Legislators Only”.   Please note that you will be able to use hard targeting to State Legislators.

Regarding the Hard Targeting Prohibition:  Legislator offices on the Hill are looking to facilitate dialogue and communications with their constituents and managing the influx of “mail” from out of district makes this effort more difficult due to the incredible volume they receive.  By law, Federal Legislator offices are only permitted to expend funds on managing communications for their specific district so any communication that reaches their offices from out of district are typically discarded and in very rare cases forwarded to the correct Legislator.  At the end of the day, they are worthless in the eyes of the office you are hoping to persuade and frankly may create some animosity.

If a vendor or organization is caught repeatedly blasting non-constituent emails the House can and will block the organizations IP Address to prevent future deliveries from being received by the targeted office which will render your campaign meaningless.

We support the desire to facilitate dialogue between the advocate and Legislator and hope this change will be greeted as a beneficial to this goal.

Enhanced Action Center Metrics Report

We have added even more detail to the Action Center Metrics report to give you greater insight into your Advocacy Campaign. 

  • Legislator Breakout details number of Emails, Tweets, Phone Calls, Faxes and Total Messages received by Legislator.
  • Activity by State section support US/Canada localization by state or providence.
  • Support Legislator Localization for Canada to show Canadian Legislative Districts.

My Legislator Page –State Legislators

A recent feature to Aristotle Advocacy is the My Legislator page that provides information on the advocate’s legislator and provides  lifetime rating. This release finalizes full support of the feature to include Key Votes Panel for State representatives.

Aristotle 360

Help Page

Within Aristotle 360 you will notice a Help Section that provides a variety of resources.  Aristotle provides dedicate support pages for how you use your Aristotle 360.

  • PAC/GR Help – Designed to provide feature documentation, Release Notes and other How-To information organized for our PAC/GR Clients
  • Campaign HelpSpot – Designed for supporting our other clients who typically are not PAC/GR Users and typically leverage a classic Tech Support relationship with Aristotle Campaign Support.

Aristotle 360 Canada

Aristotle is pleased to extend to Canadian Advocacy Professionals the same great functionality our US clients enjoy. This sprint completes work association with our Aristotle 360 Canada version to provide support for Parliamentary Advocacy within 360.  Some of the functionality included in this development include:

Localization efforts for Aristotle 360 functionality to support Aristotle 360 Canada

  1. Individual Entity Page
  2. Organization Entity Page
  3. Minister (Legislator) Entity Page
  4. Webforms
  5. Activities

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