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July Release - Sprint 85

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Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017

July Release - Sprint 85


The July Release went live on July 28th. This development sprint delivers Forgot Username functionality, enhancement of the Relationship Viewer, Legislator Search by Bill Sponsorship, Action Center improvements, additional enhanced security, and PCS related items.

Forgot Username Functionality

Some users, especially after being Mid-Year filings, may have been away from 360 for a while and have forgotten their Aristotle 360 Username.   We have added to the Aristotle 360 Login Screen a Forgot Username link to assist users in recovering their Username. User will add the email associated to their account and an email will be sent that will identify any account (Active and Inactive) to which the email is associated.  This email will include a link to return to the Aristotle 360 Login Page.

Relationship Viewer

A unique capability found only in Aristotle 360 is a discovery tool called Relationship Viewer. The Relationship Viewer provides rich insights (Relationships and Political Donor data) into your advocates present in your Aristotle 360 database. The individual’s giving history is not solely dependent on data resident within your internal database but also includes data mined from Aristotle 360 FatCats database.  The Relationship Viewer provides an efficient way to quickly identify politically active advocates.

Please remember when using FEC sourced data the standard FEC usage restrictions remain in place in respect to solicitations. 

The Relationship Viewer shows your advocate as a central “Node” and maps out Relationships (Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers, etc.) and Political Committees to which the individual has contributed.  Additional Nodes are presented showing commonality between Advocate and other individuals and committees.

Legislator Search by Bill Sponsorship

Aristotle 360 makes it easy for users to search for Legislators by their status of Sponsors/Cosponsors of a particular bill.   

  1. Query Builder – Select Main Search Record = Legislator
  2. New Clause Type = ANDREL
  3. Field = Legislator Bill Sponsored
  4. Select Bill(s)

Order Talking Points for Phone Advocacy Alerts

Aristotle’s Product Management has received feedback from our Advocacy Users where they would like the ability to Order talking Points for their Phone Advocacy Alerts. You will now find a dedicated User Interface that will permit you to set the order in which your talking points will appear within your Phone Advocacy alerts.

Using the Up/Down control you can easily change the order in which the talking points appear on the advocate facing alert page.   The alert must be in an unpublished state.  Once changes have been made save and publish

Regulatory Alert Metrics Report

We have added support for accessing regulatory comments made by your advocates directly from the Regulatory Alert Metrics Report. Click on Comments Submitted Count to view activities within the Current Selection.

PCS System Enhancements

A variety of enhancements have been provided to increase the usability when managing the void/reissue scenario.

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Article ID: 1202
Last updated: 23 Aug, 2017
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