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May Release - Sprint 83

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Last updated: 22 May, 2017

May Release - Sprint 83


The May Release went live on May 25th. This development sprint was focused on two primary initiatives; enhance Aristotle Webforms so they are mobile responsive and test a new business analytics feature within the Aristotle 360 application.  We also had a variety of other projects that you may review below.

Aristotle Webforms

Aristotle webforms will respect web and mobile views by design. Legacy webforms, created prior to the Sprint 83 (May 25th) release will remain in their current state as some clients have incorporated custom CSS programming that was predicated on the old webform. The new format may alter the look and feel of the old form and we did not want to have live forms negatively impacted.

  • Mobile Responsive Webforms – All new webforms will be Mobile Responsive.
    • When “Create a New Form”  is selected the resulting new form will be mobile responsive
    • Legacy webforms (created prior to May 25th) will remain in their current state
  • Copying of Webforms – (PLEASE READ!) The copy feature will continue to work as supported but it will respect the version of the webform being copied.  For example: If an old Form is copied the new duplicated form will reflect the old webform format. We urge you to take advantage of the new format by recreating your form(s) by selecting “Create a New Form” button.
  • New User Design – The forms will look modern
  • Login Screen – User Interface Changes will be applied to webforms that incorporate both the Old format and New Format
    • New Mobile Responsive Design
    • Modern look and feel
  • Confirmation Page – User interface Changes will be applied to webforms that incorporate both the Old format and New Format
    • New Mobile Responsive Design
    • Modern look and feel
  • Missing Required Field – If field was omitted focus  page on missing field

Aristotle Analytics

The development team has been working on a demonstration project where we will soon be adding business analytics support to Aristotle 360.  Upon completion we anticipate supporting a new client dashboard, new reports and other data visualizations. We also expect to increase the speed in which we develop reports.


  • Quick Entry – Work to enhance date handling and Employer support
    • Refine date entry handling
      • Respect user entry of “Hash” so that adding hash advances to next logical point in date.
      • User may also enter numerical values to advance with hashes added automatically as would be found when entering 05252017 to show as 05/25/2017.
    • Employer Support – Will work in similar fashion as adding an Employer within the Individual Entity
      • New Employer added within Quick Entry will be marked as Default Employer
      • User will tab to field and type a few characters and suggested list of employers will display
      • User may add new employer directly from interface
  • Hot-Keys – Support new Hot-Keys for Individual Entity
    • Submit/Save Receipt or Disbursement and close panel
      • Save Cntrl+Alt+U
    • Submit/Save Receipt or Disbursement and create an additional transaction
      • Cntrl+Alt+T

Note: Hotkeys for adding Receipt & Disbursements to Organization and Committee are available please see full list of Hotkeys by visiting

  • Advanced Search
    • Support UDF Fields to allow comparative searching for date/time
  • CKEditor – Replace Html editor in various areas within Aristotle 360
  • Security Initiatives


  • Client Specific Receipt Report

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Article ID: 1200
Last updated: 22 May, 2017
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