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March Release Sprint 81

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017


Sprint 81 Release Notes

March Release


The April Release went live on March 24th. This Sprint adds some enhancements and fixes in a variety areas that impact Credit Card processing, Optimization of Action Center page loads, reporting and other areas.

Action Center

  • Optimize Action Center Page load at login – We have taken steps to improve the performance of the Action Center login process
  • Remove email Carousel and Thank you message workflow for alerts that are Twitter only
  • Program Support for Legislative Alert – Users may now link a Program to alerts within in the Admin page during Alert creation (Program Report Support Coming Soon).
  • Modify Updating Personal Information Control – Enabling advocates to update their information on the Action Center will be controlled only using Action Center Settings
    • Enable using Action Center Settings under the setting menu
    • Remove permission from Alert Setup
    • If permission is set to disallow Update of Personal Information – the site will still permit advocates to update information that is a required field (Prefix, Address, etc.)
  • Move Position of Subject to above Legislator Salutation

Agency Advocacy/Regulations

  • Regulatory Wizard – Show correct URL link and Iframe Link after save
  • Support search of Regulation using full title
  • Program Support for Regulatory Alert – Users may now link a Program to alerts within in the Admin page during Alert creation – (Program Report Support coming soon).
  • Update CKEditor in Regulatory Alert Wizard
  • Regulatory Metrics Report
    • Correct Date entry of report so that beginning date is never greater than end date
    • Correct calculation in Report when identifying new and legacy advocates
    • Permit showing of all states / not restrict to top 10
    • Report should respect Time Zones

Credit Card Processing

  • Make CVV Mandatory for Credit Card Processing – To properly authorize and process credit card payment – CVV is now required and supported within 360.


  • Query Builder – Correct behavior when tabbing within Query Builder with visual cue on location of View Results button
  • Support for Committee Representation by Home/Work address
  • Support for search of Member of Congress constituents by Home/Work address


  • Receipt Source Report – Support selecting multiple Receipt Types
    • All Sub-Types will be enforced when Multiple Receipt Types are selected
    • Memo transactions will not show as report does/hasn’t support this option historically

PCS – Political Contribution System

  • Support Multi-level Check Request Processing flag – Provide an option for client Admin user to keep Enable/Disable ‘Multi-Level Check Request System’ flag while budgeting and using base 360 check request system.  


  • Research New Fax Appliance
  • SPC Tracking (Client Specific)
  • Show Message for link available for 14 days on exports before link is invalid
  • Check – Deluxe DLT147 will show Chamber/District on Memo line
  • Change Mass Email Activity to use template and merge fields
  • Fix Record Delete
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Article ID: 1198
Last updated: 24 Mar, 2017
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